Front head room38 "
Rear head room37 "
Front shoulder room55 "
Rear shoulder room54 "
Front foot room41.2 "
Rear leg room38.1 "
Luggage capacity15.5 cu.ft.

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Maximum cargo capacity15.5 cu.ft.
Standard seating5
Length182.2 "
Body width70.0 "
Body height57.2 "
Wheelbase104.4 "
Ground clearance5.5 "
Curb3,045 lbs.
Gross weightN/A

Fuel tank capacity14.5 gal.
EPA purpose of use estimates23 City / 33 Hwy
Base engine size2.5 liters
Base engine typeI-5
Horsepower170 hp
Horsepower rpm5,700
Torque177 lb-ft.
Torque rpm4,250
Payload1,070 lbs.
Maximum towing capacityN/A
Drive typefront-wheel
Turning radius18.2 ''


(2.0L Base) 4dr Sedan

Engine2.0L I-4
MPG24 city / 34 hwy
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(2.0L S) 4dr Sedan

Engine2.0L I-4
MPG24 city / 34 hwy
ExploreBuild & Price

(2.5L SE) 4dr Sedan

Engine2.5L I-5
MPG23 city / 33 hwy
ExploreBuild & Price

(2.5L SEL) 4dr Sedan

Engine2.5L I-5
MPG23 city / 33 hwy
ExploreBuild & Price
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