For example, i can"t discover in the publications what an simple silver ring or gold necklace weighs. Until currently I"m using RL weights: typical weight of a piece of (metal) jewelry between 0,2-0,5kg (or 0,4-1 lbs).

A table or "official ascendancy of thumb" would definitely be helpful.

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If 5e leaves this approximately the DM, I"d favor to borrow such tables indigenous previous execution (if they exist).



DnD 5e does not contain info on the weights the jewelry.In fact, the PHB has actually a 5gp Signet Ring listed as negligible weight.

As much as I understand this is consistent with previous editions together well.

Tracking encumbrance for individual items generally isn"t worth it (a lot of work, you damage a many fun, and don"t really acquire anything in return), specifically not in ~ the granularity the ounces. If girlfriend really desire to perform this you have the right to use genuine life approximations. Actual life yellow rings normally weigh approximately 4 ounces/100 grams (with separation, personal, instance variation that course). You deserve to handwave this to give you 4 piece of jewel to the pound.

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RAW: DMG 133 states gemstones weight choose coins, 50 come the pound.

Note that in genuine life 50 come the lb is only about 9 grams. That is a very little mass!Real life often tends to take care of things in different ways for gold coins:

The 1 oz American gold Eagle (diameter 32.7 mm) is created of one troy ounce (approximately 31.1 grams) of gold. The silver and also copper include approximately 2.8 grams, bringing the complete weight the the 1 oz American yellow Eagle Coin to around 33.9 grams.

Which is more like a bit over 11 gold coins every pound, and also would be precisely 16 to the pound if they contained only the gold. So, D&D gold coins are rather smaller than "real life" gold coins. Think that them more like being 22 mm in diameter, much closer come the 1/4 trojan oz american yellow coin. Basically, D&D gold coins room not at all looking like the common "dragon horde, huge gold coins presented in fantasy books and also movies, however more, like, pocket adjust sized.

So, that 50/lb deserve to pass ok for gp (D&D 1E had 10 gp come a pound, btw). Yet you simply know the it have the right to become totally ridiculous to just assume the every tiny gem and jewelry will likewise weight the same as those smallish coins. It can be far better to treat such treasure as art objects instead.

For example, browsing the web, because that those very typical actual life blue quartz cristal pieces, commonly sold at reasonable price (30$), weighting from 1/4 come 1 pound. Not 1/50 that a pound! However, a real life usual 1 carat diamond weights only 0.2 grams: definition there room over 2000 diamonds come a pound, rather negligible!

A ring can weight beside nothing too, or it can be fairly massive depending upon shape, yet on average they using 50 to a lb is very reasonable. Earrings differ in weight more, yet keeping through the raw 50 to a lb of coins will certainly serve well also there. The idea of 5e life is to KISS the a bit. Store it simple and relocating fast.

Necklaces have the right to vary also more, especially when made from cheap materials. A gold necklace is usually fairly thin, lightweight. A primitive rock necklace will certainly weight a lot much more and be much thicker, but still that won"t weight 5 pounds: jewel is meant to it is in worn, and who would want to carry some sort of musculation weight roughly one"s neck? So jewel is always quite light. Probably 1 or 2 pounds for a really big necklace choose say those thick and also long i know well hop punk rapper "gangsta" necklaces.

So, raw won"t help you for weight of art items and non-tiny jewelry. AFAIK D&D 5e has actually no such table, and also it would be very pointless anyway, due to the fact that there is means too lot variation between different version of the same type of item.

So, simply Google search as if you want to buy some jewelry and find one the is "meh, close enough!", check its weight, round it to something simple, and also there you go!

In any kind of case, possibly your players love to wall surface up their body through all kinds of bling, yet the fact that they surely hate being encumbered is not a "maybe". So, ns recommend to simply let them, and also to err to the next of "jewelry item are most likely somewhat bit lighter than in real life". It"s not as if having "moar bling" on them gave them any more bonuses.

Don"t bog under the video game with some rings weighting 1/50 pounds, some other "thin" ring 1/100 pound, and some other "big" rings weighting in ~ 1/10 pound. That kind of micromanagement is just plain bad. Quiet if lock wear a the majority of rings, that would tend to mean out anyway, right? So, one load for small items: they count as the weight of 1 coin, together per RAW, finish of story.

This is a residence rule yet it is in the spirit of D&D 5e "simple rules": because that bigger art or jewel items, uncover a single and basic "base load for the common thing", climate AT MOST define say this 5 category of weight:

Small and Thin: 1/4 the weightSmall or Thin: 1/2 the weightNormal: The normal base load for that kind of itemBig or Thick: x2Big and also Thick: x4

Note also that solid yellow is about twice the silver weight.

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Personally I stopped bothering ~ complaints from my players.Nowadays instead of a lengthy list that every an useful item in the loot, I simply write something favor this:

Loot: 50 arts (finely painted figures, coral jewelry, etc.)

It saves lots of DM prep time and game table time. If a player asks me "Is there a coral comb in there?", climate I role with far better than typical odds or just level say yes.