How lot are girlfriend paying because that pie? That counts on how numerous slices you cut. (See the chart below.) Yesterday i noticed that my Sneaky Wheat Pie tardy recipe and the recipes in Wildly Affordable Organic to speak twelve, this week’s Blueberry Pie recipe offer eight, and my apologize Pie supplied to feed just six — all making use of the same nine-inch pie plate!

Yikes! as soon as I realized that, I changed the recipes for the crust and also apple pie for this reason they both serve eight and adjusted the cost and also nutrition. I also swapped the earth Balance Buttery Sticks for organic Miyoko’s vegan Butter, i beg your pardon wasn’t easily accessible in my area once I very first wrote the recipe because that pie crust.

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Chart: price of Homemade Pie per Slice

Here’s a chart reflecting the adjust in costs depending top top the variety of slices and also whether you usage Miyoko’s vegetable Butter or earth Balance Buttery Sticks. The expense of the fruit can vary commonly too, from nearly free if you prosper your own to big-city price for local organic fruit.

# the slices6812whole pie
blueberry v Miyoko$3.06$2.30$1.53$18.37
blueberry with EB$2.63$1.97$1.31$15.77
apple with Miyoko$1.64$1.23$0.82$9.83
apple through EB$1.21$0.90$0.60$7.23
crust through Miyoko$0.94$0.71$0.47$5.65
crust with EB$0.51$0.38$0.25$3.05

How numerous Slices have to Be in Your Pie?

It depends. Reduced enough to serve everyone who desires a slice. Make them small enough come fit your diet, budget, and also desire no to rubbish food. Do them big enough so civilization feel choose they’ve had some pie. Smaller sized pieces work best if some human being might have actually seconds or more than one kind of dessert, say at a pot lucky or picnic.

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If $2.30 because that a item of essential homemade pie seems too much, consider that among my favorite local restaurants offer pie made v conventional ingredients because that $8 a slice. That’s $64 to $96 because that the entirety pie, not including tip and sales tax. Food preparation at house is madness affordable, even with the best ingredients.