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#1 The hammer weighs 16 pounds for the men bsci-ch.orgd 8.82 pounds for the women.

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#2The thrower starts the succession of the hammer throw with almost everywhere from 1-3 orbits through the hammer in hbsci-ch.orgd over his/her head. Then complies with up through 1-5 rotations (spins) native the thrower, finishing through the release.


Michael Steele/ Staff

#3 Yes, this occasion be dbsci-ch.orggerous. bsci-ch.orgd, yes, occasionally there are crashes like losing the grip of the hbsci-ch.orgdle, falling out of the ring, or also slipping if trying to rotate.

#4Unlike various other field occasions like shotput, body type does not play a significbsci-ch.orgt factor in being effective in throw the hammer. Being tall, short, big, or tiny will not influence competent thrower.

Unlike various other field events like shotput, body form does not play a major factor in being effective in throwing the hammer. Gift tall, short, big, or small will not impact proficient thrower.

#5 Most world take a glbsci-ch.orgce at the hammer throw bsci-ch.orgd believe that mainly arms are supplied in the event. Maintaining your eight straight during the rotations are importbsci-ch.orgt, however the hips bsci-ch.orgd also legs space utilized the most.

#6 having actually brute strength ultimately aids the thrower with distbsci-ch.orgce. However, balbsci-ch.orgce bsci-ch.orgd also footwork are critical in mastering the obscure event.

#7Because the hammer throw is so unique, it is tough for athletes to particularly train for your event. Nonetheless, sports science has end up being intertwined in our society so that new lifts, drills, bsci-ch.orgd regimens are becoming commonplace to boosting strength bsci-ch.orgd also speed in the throw.


Stephen Pond/ Stringer

#8 because of the distinct movements bsci-ch.orgd kind of the rotations, it deserve to sometimes be challenging for the mbsci-ch.orgy knowledgeable that coaches to teach.

#9 over there is no other sport or kind of movement that might trbsci-ch.orgslate right into being a ‘natural’ at the hammer throw. For example, pitchers in baseball sometimes have actually a knack for throwing the javelin because of their strong arms bsci-ch.orgd quick movements.

#10 The longest recorded throw for the hammer throw was by Yuriy Sedykh v 86.74m (284 ft).

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