First up, girlfriend guys, permit me just say exactly how overwhelmed ns was at your solution to my last Let’s talk post. I’ve come back to that (your comments, really) so many times over the last couple of weeks and I desire you come know just how much each and every one of your comments intended to me. It’s difficult to explain really. Say thanks to you, thank you.

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Now. Moving gears. Let’s talk around cookie scoops.

If you ever get me alone, chances are I’ll probably crack a couple awkward, dumb jokesand then start waxing poetic about either mine Bosch mixer, the wheat grinder i adore or…my cookie scoops. Because I can’t live without them.

I could probably do a pretty good case about why cookie scoops are 100% crucial to your everyday happiness. I know for certain they space 100% responsible for the too much cookie baking done approximately here.

I made decision to gain out all three of my beloved cookie scoops and also do some testing (or in other words make about 83 pounds that cookie dough) to number out amazing details like exactly how much cookie dough fits in every scoop and how huge the baked cookies are, among other things.

Baking nerds unite.


I’ve had actually the cookie scoops pictured in this short article for years. More than likely over 5 years. Ns highly, very recommend them due to the fact that not once have they failure me and let me tell you, I’ve make a lot of cookies in mine day (I’ve heard other cookie scoops finish up rusting or the springs pop or come loose).

I put these babies right in the dishwasher; they room sturdy and functional and also really quite perfect as far as cookie scoops go. I bought castle years ago on Amazon yet I suspect they are accessible in kitchen supply shop or even possibly in ~ Target or Walmart although ns haven’t looked specifically.

I have the following sizes:Small #60 Cookie ScoopMedium #40 Cookie ScoopLarge #20 Cookie Scoop

As you have the right to see from the photo below, the small scoop fits about 2 teaspoons that dough, the medium about 1 1/2 tablespoons and the huge a lining 3 tablespoons of dough. We’ll speak in a 2nd about how that translates into baked cookies.


By and far, I use the tool size most of the time for cookies. Like, 96.3% of the time (but man, gain a pack of all the various uses a small farther down wherein the small and big sizes really shine). And since ns love you and feel prefer I have the right to confess these types of points to friend (remember this Let’s Talk series is casual and soul-defining), I in reality havetwo that the tool scoops.And to be contemplating a third. Friend never understand when three arrays of cookies may be continue in your kitchen at the same time.

So, just how does the dimension of the scoop interpret into actual, baked cookies? Well, take it a look. That tiny cookie scoop is less than an ounce of dough and the small cookie is around 2-inches in diameter. The medium cookie scoop is 1.25 ounces of dough and yields a 3-inch cookie. And also that behemoth cookie scoop and it’s 2.25 ounces that dough is going to give you a really hearty 4-inch cookie. Hubba hubba.

Of course, these exact details space dependent on the recipe – part cookies are an ext puffy and also others spread out out an ext which would obviously impact the in its entirety size. For your average cacao chip cookie cooking recipes (you know, the persons that contact for one cup butter to start), you’ll probably gain right about 3 dozen cookies v that medium cookie scoop. (For the perfect chewy cacao chip cookie cooking recipes on mine site, I gain slightly less since the recipestarts through 10 tablespoons butter, no 16 like a most recipes.)


I frequently use the little cookie scoop as soon as I desire adorable, tiny cookie to garnish bowls of ice cream or cupcakes or something super cutesy favor that. And also the big cookie scoop is the perfect dimension for roasted sales and when you just want a big and in fee cookie. Which happens more often than one would certainly think.

But…guess what? Cookie scoops aren’t simply for cookies. In fact, few of the various other handy dandy uses kind of blew my mind once Iclued in come the multi-purpose device thing. Which, totally justifiesme owning an ext cookie scoops 보다 I have actually children, right? Right.


Portioning the end no-bake cookie (oh my, I have a version coming shortly that will knock her socks off)Scooping out cupcake or muffin batter intopans (mess-free and also amazing)For mini cream puff dough (just figured this one out; brilliant with that tiny scoop)Pancake and also waffle batter (the big scoop is perfect)Meatballs, baby (mini meatballs or constant – works prefer a dream)Deviled egg filling (I know, right? The little scoop will certainly revolutionize your deviled egg ways)Scooping out the pesky innards the the cantaloupe (and the seed of a huge zucchini)Portioning sloppy joe pour it until it is full onto buns (scoop and also done)Making cute small mounds of guacamole and also sour cream for taco night (because cute matters)——————————————————-

Anyway, I understand cookie scoops aren’t walk to change the worldor anythingbut i love ’em and also thought the was around time i told you why. As always, share her thoughts around cookie scoops in the comments below. And, continue to be tuned due to the fact that Monday, I’m share a chocolate chip cookie cooking recipes that simply might adjust the civilization actually.

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Later, skaters.

*This is no a funded post, I simply love cookie scoops more than life. There space a few Amazon affiliate links in the article since i purchased my cookie scoops indigenous there however as constantly feel totally free to shop around!*