A banjo is comparable to other tools such as a guitar. The is a four or 5 stringed instrument that is typically made of a plastic material. This instrument is normally used with bands that do music such together country, classical and also bluegrass.

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How lot does a banjo cost?

On average, a banjo is going to price anywhere indigenous $50 offered to as lot as $3,000 for a higher end, five-stringed banjo. Mass developed banjos uncovered online, such together Amazon.com, deserve to cost about $100 come $250, when a hand-crafted banjo can cost upwards of $3,000, particularly if it’s made from a higher quality material.

The Deering Goodtime special Banjo, for example, costs anywhere indigenous $700 come $950 for a five-string banjo that is brand new. The Fender FB-300, ~ above the various other hand, have the right to cost between $300 and also $425. Jameson Guitars has a five-string banjo that runs from $150 to $325.

A beginner’s banjo kit will price $150 come $300 because that a lower-end model.

According to BanjoWizard.com, if you desire to construct your very own banjo, arrangement on paying as lot as $500 to $2,000 depending upon what you want your banjo come have.

Piceonomics.com claims a banjo will expense $150 come $300 because that a beginner’s set, if a mid-range banjo can expense $300 to $425. A practice banjo can cost $2,000 come $3,000.

Banjo overview

On the market, you will frequently find the following types: a four, five or 6 string banjo. When rare, girlfriend may have the ability to find 12 wire or even fretless banjos together well. The most popular type is the 5 string. The modern five-string will certainly go from shortest to higher in sound, and also the fifth string, recognized as the thumb string, will be attached to a tuner an installed on the neck, making the 25 percent shorter than the other strings. The modern four and six-string banjo will certainly retain that sound, comparable to a 19th-century banjo. This banjos tend to be plucked and also can be strummed with a guitar pick.

Banjos might either it is in an open-back or resonator-equipped. A resonator-equipped banjo will have actually a plate that’s fastened to the back fo the body; it’s designed for this reason the sound deserve to be protected, allowing the banjo come have an ext “punch” and also volume. An open-back banjo will certainly be mellower and will have actually a less complex construction. These banjos will certainly weigh less and will have 5 strings.

Most bodies this day will it is in made through a circular wood rim and a anxiety head do from some kind of synthetic material, comparable to a drumhead. Older banjos might be made from an pet skin or membrane. The strings need to be do from metal and the 4th string will certainly be wrapped in one alloy. Greater quality banjos will certainly be make from maple, mahogany or birch.

Some beginner kits will come with all the necessities such together the strap, case, strings and picks.

If you acquisition from a music shop, some will certainly professionally string and also tune the banjo free of charge.

Most of your more popular brands will incorporate a minimal warranty that varies anywhere from one year come a lifetime. Be certain to examine the paperwork to know what form of vouch you space getting.

What are the extra costs?

If you want to gain your banjo tuned, music stores are going come charge around $25 come $50.

Most banjos won’t come v a case. To safeguard your banjo from scratches, dings, and also dents, a case is highly recommended. Most situations can price anywhere from $40 to $200.

For those who want to learn exactly how to play the instrument, a experienced tutor or instructional DVDs room going to it is in required. To discover the instrument via a tutor, it can cost anywhere indigenous $30 to $100 per session. This will count on the tutor’s experience and your local price of living.

Straps are best for those who arrangement on playing while was standing up. A great strap will cost $10 to $20.

A capo will certainly clamp come the fingerboard, permitting you to raise the overall pitch. This permits you come play songs greater than what they were composed in. A capo can cost $10 come $20.

You will require strings sooner or later, and also a good set of strings can retail for $3 come $10, relying on the brand.

Tuners can expense $9 to $25.

A broken banjo and other repair may price anywhere indigenous $50 to much more than $150, depending on the repair.

Tips come know:

It’s finest to try the banjo in person. Discover a banjo that is straightforward to hold and also a banjo that has strings the are fairly easy to press down. If you’re brand-new to the instrument, talk v a neighborhood music teacher to view what he or she recommends. Due to the fact that each that us has actually our own method and playing style, this is a way to discover a brand/model that functions for your format of play. It also doesn’t hurt to inspect out banjo reviews virtual to view what other civilization are saying.

When trial and error a banjo, salary close fist to the strings. Carry out they push down easily? Make certain the strings aren’t difficult to press down and also don’t feel together they will slice up your fingers. Also, test the sound. When strumming, the sounds should be consistent.

Be weary that cheaper banjos that room made in foreign countries. If you need to spend less than $100 to $200 ~ above the banjo, be sure to perform the suitable amount that homework.

There are two famous banjo playing techniques: the clawhammer an approach and the two finger up-pick. The clawhammer method was among the faster styles. This style comes from the “clawlike” place of the hand, and also it requires striking the four main strings in a downward motion while using the middle or table of contents finger. The fifth string will be play by the thumb using a lifting motion. The two finger up-pick is much more refined 보다 the clawhammer an approach and supplies a three-finger style. Aside from these two styles, there are a handful of other bluegrass formats that are regularly named after the bluegrass players that played.

Top brand to consider:





How have the right to I save money?

If you room just starting out, you may want to take into consideration purchasing a supplied banjo. EBay is a an excellent resource to acquire a banjo for much less than $50. As you progress with the instrument, girlfriend can consider buying a higher-end unit.

Consider purchasing all equipment secondhand such together the case, picks, and others. This can easily help you conserve 50% ~ above your in its entirety purchase.

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