When you’re losing pounds it deserve to be difficult to visualize this in terms of actual physics weight, so gift able to check out this in terms of an object can be yes, really motivating.

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In this article, I’ve set out infographics and charts to assist you to visualize a stone (and many stones and also other amounts) of weight in regards to bags the Sugar.

In short, the average metric bag of street weighs 1kg (2.2lb) and an imperial bag of sugar (US load is 2lb (0.9kg). There space 14 pounds in a stone which is equal to 6.4 one kilogram bags or seven two-pound bags of sugar every stone.

Read ~ above to check out lots an ext sugar to rock conversions to aid you find the exact figures you’re looking for.

How many 1kg or 2lb Bags the Sugar room in a stone (and multiple Stones)

To help you visualize what I average by a 1kg or 2lb bag, the image right here shows two species of 1kg (2.2lb) bags that sugar.

If she in the united state where weights space imperial, then an tantamount bag will certainly be slightly smaller (3.2 oz less) 보다 the bags you view in this image.

If you choose to work-related in pound bags then I’ll covering that additional on in this article.


The table below shows how plenty of bags the sugar room in a stone for multiple stone amounts and also for both metric and also imperial sugar bag sizes.

Number that StonesAmount of 1kg (2.2lb) Bags the SugarAmount of 2lb (0.9kg) Bags the Sugar
16.4 bags7 bags
212.7 bags14 bags
319.1 bags21 bags
425.4 bags28 bags
531.8 bags35 bags
638.1 bags42 bags
744.5 bags49 bags
850.9 bags56 bags
957.2 bags63 bags
1063.5 bags70 bags

To easily work out precisely how countless bags of street you have lost, take it a look at my weight lose to street conversion calculator here.


How many 500g or 1lb Bags that Sugar room in a stone (and lot of Stones)

The table listed below shows rock weights converted to one-pound street bags in addition to metric tantamount 500g bags.

There are much more bags per stone than a larger 2lb (1kg) bag, so it’s dual the excitement and motivation!

Number the StonesAmount that 500g (1.1lb) Bags of SugarAmount the 1lb (0.45kg) Bags that Sugar
112.7 bags14 bags
225.4 bags28 bags
338.1 bags42 bags
450.8 bags56 bags
563.5 bags70 bags
676.2 bags84 bags
788.9 bags98 bags
8101.6 bags112 bags
9114.3 bags126 bags
10127 bags140 bags

More load Loss to sugar Bag Equivalents

If you’ve not rather made it to a rock yet, or you prefer to occupational in kilograms, then take a look at the charts listed below to see exactly what her weight ns looks like in terms of sugar bags.

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Kilograms to street Bags

If you desire to convert kilos to street bags, climate you can discover the weight identical you require in the table below:

Weight lose in KilogramsAmount of 500g (1.1lb) Bags that SugarAmount the 1kg (2.2lb) Bags the Sugar
12 bags0.5 bags
24 bags1 bags
36 bags1.5 bags
48 bags2 bags
510 bags2.5 bags
612 bags3 bags
714 bags3.5 bags
816 bags4 bags
918 bags4.5 bags
1020 bags5 bags
1530 bags7.5 bags
2040 bags10 bags
2550 bags12.5 bags

Pounds to street Bags

If you favor to occupational weights the end in pounds, the table below will aid you to uncover the info you’re feather for:

Weight lose in PoundsAmount the 1lb (0.45kg) Bags of SugarAmount the 2lb (0.9kg) Bags the Sugar
11 bags0.5 bags
22 bags1 bags
33 bags1.5 bags
44 bags2 bags
55 bags2.5 bags
66 bags3 bags
7 (half a stone)7 bags3.5 bags
88 bags4 bags
99 bags4.5 bags
1010 bags5 bags
1111 bags5.5 bags
1212 bags6 bags
1313 bags6.5 bags
14 (one stone)14 bags7 bags
1515 bags7.5 bags
2020 bags10 bags
2525 bags12.5 bags
3030 bags15 bags
3535 bags17.5 bags
4040 bags20 bags

Equipment and also Information supplied for This Article

I provided precision scale that sweet to 0.01 that a gram i m sorry is on regular basis calibrated with a 100g weight. For more information watch my recommended weighing scale here.

To make certain the details in this post is accurate, ns researched and also cross-referenced various sources (as well as initial research) to obtain the exactly weights and also calories.

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