Potatoes are one of the most consumed vegetables in the joined States. As a issue of fact, most Americans eat virtually 50 pounds of potato every year, according to the United says Department of Agriculture.

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How much do potato cost?

Depending on the form of potato, the prices will vary everywhere from $1 come $2 per lb on average. Bigger quantities can price as little as $2 come $5 per 10-pound bag. The biggest expense factor is the kind of potato, the moment of year and where it’s purchased. Describe our table listed below to check out what popular varieties will cost.

For instance, a 5-pound bag of russet potatoes could retail because that $3 to $5.

A 5-pound bag the white potatoes can cost $2 to $4 each.

Fingerlings typical $1.50 come $2.50 per pound. A gold potato will expense $1 come $2.50 every pound.

Purple potatoes have the right to average $1 to $2 per pound and also red potatoes can price $1.25 to $2.50 per pound.

At Costco.com, a 20-pound bag that baking potatoes price $4.99, if a 50-pound bag that baking potatoes (US #2) prices $7.72. A 10-pound bag of little red potato (US #1) expense $5.54, while 50 pounds that red potatoes (US #2) expense $7.72.

Russet$2 to $4 every 5-pound bag
Creamer$3 come $4 each
Gold$1 come $2 every pound
Mixed Mini Round$3 come $4 every pound
Red$1 come $2 every pound
Garnet$1 to $2 per pound
Japanese$1 come $2 pound
Jewel$1 come $2 pound

What are the extra costs?

When working with fresh potatoes, over there are plenty of tools you have the right to use come make food preparation easier. Over there are many forms of potato cutters that might turn the potatoes into chips, fries, or wedges. There are additionally potato peelers easily accessible to remove the skin from the potato.

Tips to know:

Fresh potatoes typically come in the following customer unit packages: 5-, 10-, 15- or 20-pound bags. Depending upon the variety, three tool russet potatoes or about 10 tiny white potatoes same one pound.

Bags for potatoes packed because that public usage typically carry information about the contents, consisting of the potato variety, its origin, the grade, and weight. Bags will also contain nutrition information.

The U.S. No. 1 is the great most regularly seen in customer bags offered at a local grocery store store. The U.S. Grade criter are adjusted from time come time to save pace with transforms in production, marketing procedures, and also consumer preferences.

When buying fresh potatoes, choose one that is firm and also has smooth skin. Avoid buying potato that have been washed due to the fact that they spoil an ext quickly than unwashed yet moderately clean ones.

Do not acquisition potatoes through a greenish the shade or cast. They create a bitterness taste and may it is in toxic.

Washing potatoes before they space stored can reason dampness that have the right to increase the odds the decay.

Store potato in a cool ar to maintain its quality longer.

How deserve to I conserve money?

Instead that buying loose potatoes, go with bagged spuds instead. Loose ones can price $1 a pound, while a 5-pound bag can be as low as $2.50.

Local develop warehouses likewise sell potato at much lower prices. A 50-pound crate of #2-grade potatoes can be bought because that as small $5.

Visit dissension stores. Some of them market bags that potatoes for 99 cents. These will be smaller sized bags, but it is still cheaper 보다 a chain grocery store.

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