Read on for a failure of the determinants that influence pediatric nurse salary potential and also professional growth.

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How much does a pediatric nurse make? while data for this specialty is scarce, the average pediatric nurse value is generally in line through that of various other registered registered nurses (RNs). Education and learning level, geographical location, and practice setting all influence salary, and also there are numerous ways pediatric nurses can increase your earning potential.

Interested in ending up being a pediatric nurse? check out on for an ext pediatric nursing salary information.

Fast Facts around Pediatric Nurses

Pediatric nurses might earn more in urban areas than rural areas.Fifty-seven percent of RNs feel they are fairly compensated, through RNs who have actually been working for much more than 11 years expressing greater satisfaction.Certifications might lead to higher wages, and also 52% that RNs room certified in one or much more areas.

Average Salary for Pediatric Nurses

Licensed helpful nurses (LPNs), RNs, and also nurse practitioners (NPs) have the right to all specialize in pediatrics, and also pediatric registered nurses come indigenous a selection of academic backgrounds. While numbers for level level and specialty room not available, the following table looks at the average RN salary for each education level, from an associate level to a doctorate.

COVID-19 impacts on Pediatric Nurse Salary and Employment

Over the last year, many nurses have left the profession as result of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a Medscape survey, 23% that RNs who space not working identified COVID-19 together the reason for your unemployment, vice versa, 26% that LPNs blamed the pandemic. This shortage of nurses has negatively affected pediatric care.

According come the newspaper of Pediatric Nursing, children represented approximately 10% of COVID-19 instances at the end of 2020. Proficient nurses should remain work to aid mitigate the impact of COVID-19, especially as children end up being eligible for vaccination. Pediatric nurses are professional at vaccinating kids and also can aid relieve both children"s and also parents" hesitancy regarding the vaccine.

Pediatric Nurse incomes by Gender

A far-ranging wage space exists in between male and also female pediatric nurses. The 2020 national Nursing Workforce inspection reveals that, across the majority of education specialties, guys earn greater median salaries than women. In ~ pediatrics alone, females on average make around 20% less than males in the very same position.

What sort of Salary expansion Can Pediatric registered nurses Expect?

Many variables influence the median pediatric nurse salary, including educational background and credentials. Practitioners that earn an advanced degree, relocate to certain areas, and/or choose a details practice setup may increase their median salary. As the complying with table shows, experienced experience likewise affects earning potential.

Highest- and also Lowest-Paying says for Pediatric nurses in 2020

The U.S. Bureau of labor Statistics (BLS) go not administer state-by-state salary info for pediatric nurses. However, your pay is regular with RN salary rates, as pediatric nursing is a specialized RN role.

Most of the highest-paying claims are located in the western part of the unified States, while the states offering the lowest median salaries are found in the country"s Southern and Northcentral regions. In general, seaside states sell some that the greatest wages, if pediatric nurses tend come make much less in Southern and Midwestern states.

Top-Paying claims for Pediatric NursesStateAverage SalaryCaliforniaHawaiiMassachusettsOregonAlaska
Source: BLS, 2020
Lowest-Paying says for Pediatric NursesStateAverage SalaryAlabamaSouth DakotaMississippiIowaArkansas
Source: BLS, 2020

How execute Pediatric Nurse wages Compare to other Nurses?

Detailed listed below are some of the an ext popular education specialties, along with the typical salary because that each position. Pediatric registered nurses tend to outearn your colleagues in other specialty areas.

4 ways to rise Pay as a Pediatric Nurse

While the top 10% the RNs knife a median yearly wage the $116,230, the shortest 10% earn $53,410, making the median yearly value $75,330. Certifications, education, experience, and practice setting all impact salary potential, making them necessary focus locations for pediatric nurses seeking greater salaries. Review on for means pediatric nurses have the right to increase your pay.

To end up being a certified pediatric nurse (CPN), candidates must complete at the very least 1,800 hours of pediatric clinical suffer over 2 years, or 5 years together a pediatric RN v 3,000 hrs of experience. Nurses who fulfill these needs are default to take it the CPN exam. According to Medscape, countless certified nurses earn around $10,000 an ext a year, top top average.

Nurses who hold a doctorate take it in $17,000 much more per year than nurses with an associate degree. In general, progressed degrees lead to higher wages. Many nurses seeking much better compensation pursue more education.

Some pediatric nurses benefit financially and also professionally from acquiring managerial experience. Monitoring roles like change leader or charge nurse permit RNs acquire new skills and strengthen ahead competencies, helping them to become much better practitioners.

Some exercise settings yield better pay, and also many registered nurses seek job-related in framework or departments recognized for offering greater wages. A ClinicalAdvisor value survey found that NPs who work-related in military/veterans hospitals, basic hospitals, and walk-in/ambulatory care clinics earn an ext than NPs to work in various other practice settings.

Frequently inquiry Questions: Pediatric Nurse Salaries

Do pediatric registered nurses make an excellent money?

Pediatric registered nurses enjoy greater earning potential than countless other nurses. Ultimately, pediatric nurses should focus on earning an advanced degree, pass the CPN exam, and also working in a practice setting that maximizes their pay. For instance, the typical salary because that an NP is slightly above $112,000.

What is a pediatric nurse"s average wage?

A pediatric nurse"s salary counts on many factors, including education and location. Because that example, doctorate-holders make $17,000 more, ~ above average, than nurses with an combine degree, while nurses in Alabama earn about $60,000 much less than those in California.

What is the highest paid education role?

According come BLS data, the greatest paid nursing position belongs to nurse anesthetists, who gain a median annual wage that $183,580. Nurse anesthetists have the right to earn even more working in outpatient treatment centers, home health care services, and also specialty hospitals.

What benefits carry out pediatric nurses receive?

Pediatric nurses enjoy countless professional and financial benefits. Outearning other specializations, pediatric nurses" typical salaries selection from $60,000-$100,000. Thanks to high demand, pediatric nurses have the right to practice in any state, in a variety of settings, as BLS projects the job development rate for RNs to it is in 7% between 2019 and 2029. is one advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all institution search, finder, or enhance results space for schools that compensate us. This compensation go not influence our institution rankings, resource guides, or various other editorially-independent details published on this site.

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