When your pine auto is completed, it have to balance 1" to 1 1/2" in former of the behind axle. Position the weights to change the car"s balance. To examine the balance, location a pencil throughout the car and move it front and ago until the automobile balances ~ above it.

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Use timber putty come seal the weights in a car. If you space in a hurry, use wax indigenous a candle. The is simply as solid and sets faster.

Try to place every one of your weights in a single area top top the car. This will lower the car"s transforming inertia.

If you mount weights on the bottom of the car, make sure that your auto still contends least 3/8" clearance between the lowest component of the weight and also the track. Ours Bottom Weights are only 1/16" thick so they deserve to be included to your automobile without interfering with the clearance.

If you use lead weights, constantly insert lock in the car and also seal with wood putty to stop exposure by anyone taking care of the car. Usage gloves when managing the lead weights and wash your hands when you are done.

Pinewood Derby auto Weights

The much more your pine vehicle weighs, the much faster it will go on a downhill ramp. Most rules clues a 5 oz. Preferably weight. Many Pinewood Derby dare weigh between 1.5oz and 3.5 oz (depending top top design) without weights so a automobile may require 3.5 oz or more of additional weight.

About ours Weights

Our weights are easily accessible in a range of shapes and also three various metals - Lead, Steel, and Tungsten. Each metal has its benefits and disadvantages. The adhering to table will help you to decide which metal you would prefer to use.

One main difference between the three metals is their density. The an ext dense the metal, the much more it will certainly weigh. The picture to the right shows the the three metals and the amount need of each for the same weight. Together you can see, that takes a lot much less tungsten then stole for the same weight.

Here space the main advantages and disadvantages of each metal:


should not be taken on by children. If you usage lead, insert it within the car block and seal v wood putty. Only obtainable in one type - 1/4" cylinders.
Cylinders are typically insertedin your vehicle by drilling one or more holes in the back, bottom orside the the car then the holes room sealed v wood putty.

Lead wire Weights

These 1/4" diameter lead weights have the right to be easily reduced to any length through wire cutters, diagonal line pliers or various other cuttingtools. Drill one or more 9/32 " holes in the back, bottom or next of her pine car, insert the weights in the holes climate glue them into place orcover through wood putty.

The package comes through 3 sections for a complete of 3 oz.

These are lead weights and should not be taken on by children.

How To include Wire Weights to Your car


Fine song Steel Cylinders

These steel Cylinders are best for use with cars that require one ounce or much less of additional weight. They can likewise be offered in mix with other weights to carry the load of her Pinewood Derby car to the 5 oz limit. Every cylinder weighs 1/10 oz and also is 1/2" long. 1/4" diameter. The parcel comes with ten cylinders for a full of 1 oz.

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The best means to install this weights is come drillseveral 9/32" feet in the back or bottom of your car, insertthe weights in the holes then cover withwood putty.