With every one of today’s modern conveniences, we regularly don’t think around what we’ll carry out if something walk wrong until it’s too late. Uneven they have an alternative heat source like a wood-burning fireplace, pellet stove owners need to have a backup arrangement for making use of their pellet stove throughout a power outage. This is especially true for human being who live in rural areas where power outages have the right to last hrs or days.

Pellet stoves need a source of electrical energy in order to operate. Without an alternative resource of power, the oven will be unable to turn on or ignite. Arguably, the most worrying scenario is losing power to her pellet cooktop while the is in the middle of operating, as this can reason a danger puff-back that deserve to endanger you, her home, and your belongings (learn more in our free downloadable eBook).

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EMERGENCY strength FOR PELLET STOVES The most reliable means to proceed using your pellet stove throughout a power outage is to equip the cooktop with a battery back-up system. When your AC power goes out, the battery back-up begins operating instantly to power your stove without interruption. The mechanism works by interfacing in between your heating appliance and also its AC wall surface outlet. Read the full summary for exactly how a pellet stove battery backup works.


Even through a trusted battery backup system in place, there are number of considerations you should make when running your pellet stove throughout a strength outage.

CALCULATE just how LONG YOUR cooktop WILL run A battery backup won’t operate your heating appliance indefinitely. It is crucial to calculate accurately the lot of time you deserve to expect your oven to operation so that you deserve to be prepared. Some factors that affect operation time include the number of batteries you space using, the average currant draw, and also more. Use our calculator tool to estimate just how long your stove will run on a battery backup.

CREATE A plan FOR safe SHUTTING down YOUR UNITIt can be dangerous to lose power to her pellet range while the operating. Once you’ve identified how numerous hours of operation you deserve to expect from her battery backup, friend can plan for properly shutting under the unit to avoid an unsafe situation.

MAKE alternate ARRANGEMENTS If the strength outage is supposed to outlast your warm sources, be sure to do arrangements for alternate accommodations if needed. Having an emergency backup plan that encompasses various scenarios is important for every homeowners, particularly in the winter months.

WHAT around GENERATORS?Generators are an additional popular technique for powering a pellet stove throughout a power outage, however they do have details disadvantages. Review the complete comparison that generators vs. Pellet cooktop battery backups for an ext information.

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MAKE certain YOU have actually A BACKUP arrangement FOR your PELLET STOVENo issue which source of strength you decision to use, the most essential thing is making certain you have actually a pellet stove back-up plan. Keep yourself, her home, and your household safe this winter by investing in a pellet stove backup solution that supplies reliability and peace that mind.