A valence electron is an external shell electron and also might get involved in the development of a chemical bond. Ok however how many kind of valence electrons does an atom of Barium have?In the case of Bariumthe valence electrons is2.

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Now let"s examine the facts around Barium...

Barium Overview

Barium Valence Electrons


Atomic Number

56Learn even more about theatomic number.

Atomic Mass

137,327Find Out more around theatomic mass.

Atomic Symbol


State at 20 °C



Soft, slightly malleable, silvery-white steel.


Barite, or barium sulfate (BaSO4), once ground is provided as a filter for rubber, plastics, and also bsci-ch.org. It is insoluable in water and so is provided in X-rays of the digestive system. Barium nitprice, Ba(NO3)2, burns brilliant green and also is used in firefunctions.

Name Origin

Greek: barys (heavy or dense).


Found in barytine (BaSO4) and witherite (BaCO3), never before found in pure develop due to its retask. Must be stored under kerosene to reprimary pure.


Discovered By: Sir Humphrey DavyYear: 1808Location: EnglandWant to learn even more details and data around Barium (Ba)? Check my Elements Comprehensive List.


Are you having trouble understanding the basics of atomic elements? This video will certainly walk you through:What is an elementWhat is a substanceWhat Elements look likeHow a tiny variety of atoms can be joined and create entirely different substances

Need an editable periodic table to edit? Maybe include your school logo, occupational team or anything else to maker your paper look cool?Alengthy with standard atom / element information (prefer Barium valence electrons and also all the other atomic data), it additionally comes with shade coded details about: State (Gas, Liquid or Solid at room temperature), Groups/series details and also much even more...How about an inspiration to share this post? (You will aid other colleagues uncover this blog)Download and also gain this finish and also colored routine table for you to modify and gain. It"s in an editable excel format or .ods (open).

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