How numerous tablespoons space in a cup? How plenty of cups room in a gallon? This fast cheat sheet for measurement conversions consist of the most usual needs you’ll have actually with her recipes at home. Just print it out and magnet it come your fridge for straightforward access.

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Common food preparation Conversions

3 teaspoons = 1 tablespoon

4 tablespoons = ¼ cup

5 tablespoons + 1 tespoon = 1/3 cup

8 tablespoons = ½ cup

16 tablespoons = 1 cup

1 cup = ½ pint




1 cup = 8 liquid ounces

2 cup = 1 pint

2 cup = 16 liquid ounces

4 cups = 1 quart

8 cup = ½ gallon

16 cups = 1 gallon

128 fluid ounces = 1 gallon

Need to understand how many teaspoons space in 1 1/3 cups? Or how countless ounces are in 3 ½ cups? for the an ext tricky counter not detailed here, girlfriend don’t need to rack your mind trying to calculate the complicated ones in your head. Just hop virtual to get any kind of conversion conveniently calculated.

Though many food preparation calculators exist online, has actually been my wanted site because that years now. The website has several switch options, including a straightforward cooking counter calculator and a gram switch calculator, but the actual star that the website is the advanced cooking conversion calculator. You punch in the keyword, food group, and also ultimate ingredient that you are trying to convert—which offers you the many accurate outcomes based ~ above the details food you are converting.

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