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Squares ~ above a monopoly board are additionally known together spaces. Many of them are actually rectangle-shapes, yet still, syndicate squares is the acquainted name whereby many of us know them.

Every other overview I’ve found lists just the monopoly properties (i.e. The ones you can build houses and hotels on). So, in this list, I’ve contained every square, including railroads, utilities, the jail space and so on.


List of monopoly Squares (UK Version)

below are the syndicate Squares in the order the they appear on the UK board:

GoOld Kent RoadCommunity ChestWhitechapel RoadIncome TaxKings overcome StationThe point of view IslingtonChanceEuston RoadPentonville RoadJail / just VisitingPall MallElectric CompanyWhitehallNorthumberland AvenueMarylebone StationBow StreetCommunity ChestMarlborough StreetVine StreetFree ParkingStrandChanceFleet StreetTrafalgar SquareFenchurch St. StationLeicester SquareCoventry StreetWater WorksPiccadillyGo come JailRegent StreetOxford StreetCommunity ChestBond StreetLiverpool St. StationChancePark LaneSuper TaxMayfair

Take a look in ~ the places of the syndicate streets top top a map of London.

Monopoly Squares FAQs

How plenty of squares space on a syndicate board?

A classic syndicate board has actually 40 squares – 22 fancy streets, 4 railroads, 2 utilities, 3 chance squares, 3 community Chest squares, 2 taxation squares, 1 Go, 1 go to Jail, 1 prison (incorporating just Visiting), and 1 complimentary Parking space.

What square carry out you start on in Monopoly?

To start a video game of Monopoly, each player should location their token ~ above the go space.

The Bottom Line

A classic syndicate board can be claimed to have actually 40 squares, although only the corner spaces space actually square!

While the US and UK versions of syndicate have different names for most of the squares, the plank layout remains the same. Other versions of monopoly such as monopoly Mega edition and monopoly Junior have various layouts with much more or fewer squares on the board.

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If you’re making your own syndicate board at home, take it a look in ~ this guide to monopoly board dimensions.