An 8GB device’s volume varies relying on the device. A typical maker can play MP3 files, but others deserve to play a range of paper types which could easily occupy an ext or less an are than the usual MP3. Many 8GB gadgets are designed come play MP3 files but can be different based upon the manufacturer that the machine or the user’s preferences.

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Things to think about when estimating how plenty of songs one 8GB machine can store:• document Type Format• little Rate• size of Song• layout of the Device

File kind Format– The file format the is used can considerably increase or decrease the quantity of music the an 8GB deserve to store. Compressed options allows a greater amount the music to be inserted on the device. However, the user might experience a decrease in music quality in most instances. Lossless documents usually use up the most room on one 8GB device.


Bit Rate – MP3 papers have a little bit Rate proportion of compression that is perfect for consumer usage. Most 8GB tools can pat a bit Rate best of 320 kbit/s. Uncompressed sound data ~ above a CD is many commonly available at 1411.2 kbit/s. Few 8GB devices are qualified of playing more than 640 kbit/s. Most music that is accessible commercially in MP3 format is 128 kbit/s.

Length the Song – The length of the tune determines just how much room it occupies. A 2 minute tune will take it up significantly less storage space on one 8GB machine than a 10 minute song. Some music is distributed in a single file that has a totality Music CD precious of data and also could be an ext than 60 minutes in length.

Format that the Device – many commercially easily accessible devices case to it is in 8GB in warehouse size. However, they do not cite that a section of the warehouse is provided for the device’s software/firmware, and also that when it is formatted the physical room left ~ above the drive will certainly be between 550MB and also 850MB less. For this reason the useable room on one 8GB maker is actually in between 7.15GB and also 7.45GB.

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Song warehouse is generally calculated by the room occupied by one minute the music. A typical MP3 document format in ~ 128 kbit/s will occupy 1MB every minute when 320 kbit/s might easily occupy 2.5MB every minute. One 8GB machine can hold approximately 1500 to 2000 songs based on the factors mentioned above. Remember the the length and quality that the song being put on the 8GB device will recognize how many songs the device can store.