To all of the geeks (I have the right to say that since I"m one together well) the attempted this answer utilizing math... Many of you room wrong. Merely using math misses the mark... Terribly. Because that the answers that relied only on math, the resulting $1,000 is grossly incorrect. Just how do ns know? i filled a four-liter glass alcohol jar (note 4-liters, not 1-gallon (or 3.785 liters)) v quarters. Filling the jug took around 15 years to accomplish. The result? After perfect my count and also wrapping... $770.00. One posting,however, suggested that a 5 gallon container holds around $4,000 precious of quarters. That is the the next to being correct, yet it is tho wrong. Currently some will certainly say the contents were not properly consolidated leave too plenty of voids or some various other rationale. ~ 15 years of relocating the jar around for cleaning, moving into a brand-new house, etc., I believe the components should have sufficiently attained preferably density.

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To every those the attempted through math... Pretty try. Attached is a photo. Note that ns stopped as soon as the components reached the approximate level if the jar had fluid. So, the answer is $770.00... Happen it around. The photo might be a little bit distorted... Not sure why.


One Gallon Jar

Even if you recognize the volume of a quarter, this is daunting to do, together it entails packing factor, ie, how closely the soldier will pack in a container.

But skipping that:


Diameter:24.26 mm (0.955 in)

Thickness:1.75 mm (0.069 in)

Volume = V = πr²h

V = π(0.477)²(0.069) = 0.0493 in cubed

1 gallon = 231 in cubed

dividing we acquire 4685

I"d subtract 30% as result of packing losses.



Calculate the volume that the u.s. Quartz.

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a gallon split by the volume that a quartz = the number of quartz

united state quarters = the money or the weight?


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