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Hi, silly inquiry to ask, yet here goes.I have a 33 Gallon long. Just how much substrate will I need?I to be planning on having a .25 customs layer of combined worm castings and sand in ~ the bottom the the entire tank. I will have a little slope in the back which will have second layer of mixed worm castings and sand. In my mind this will permit me to have plants which root deeper in the back of the tank.On top of the mixture, could I gain away with using 2 20 pound bags that eco complete?
a good rule of ignorance is 1 lb per gallon will provide u one customs of substrate. For this reason 33 gallons i would recommend at least 2 inches no much less of substate. And u can slope it in the earlier like u choose so huge plants in the back and tiny in the front. So really for u ns would do 3 bags the eco complete. There 20 lbs a bag right? ns pretty sure it is. For this reason the 60lbs will provide u about 2 customs of substrate and the other .5 inch will be perfect. Hope this helps-Spidey
I am not so sure around that... 60lb go sound alot but shot one bag in ~ a time. 1lb/g might not it is in a good idea as this 33g long might be a an extremely shallow tank. 1 come 1.5inches high up front, and also makre certain your back(your greatest part) is about 2.5 come 3 inches.

I think I"s placed some type of barrier to save the deeper gravel at the back from changing forward. Even if it"s just a bead wall of pond foam glued to the bottom. If girlfriend are putting ten or twenty pounds the sand/castings mix as a base, I"d encompass that weight in the total.

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Dust a little worm castings top top the bottom, and also fill the tank with EC, no sand.What space the actual size of the tank? number out how plenty of cubic feet you desire of substrate, then usage these numbers:Sand, gravel and heavy substrates favor Eco Complete, and 3M color Quartz typically run 100 lbs come the cubic foot. Lighter substrates such together Turface, soil Master select and much more organic-matter materials (peat moss, compost) room about fifty percent that weight per cubic foot. Garden floor is quite close come sand and also gravel, but a bit lighter.Example:Tank might be 36" x 12". This is 3 square feet. One possible layout could look choose this: In the former 1/3 it will certainly be 1" deep in sand or similar fancy ingredient (maybe make a trail in between 2 hills or something). 1 square foot
1" deep = 1/12 cubic foot. Main point by 100 lbs = much less than 10 lbs, about 8 lbs that sand, if you want to decorate favor this. Otherwise, skip the sand.The ago 2/3 will certainly be 3" deep v organic matter and also heavier floor product, but do not usage so lot worm castings. Lightly dust the glass floor the the tank so you deserve to still watch the glass. This is so little it will not counting for the quantity you have to buy. A cup or 2 is plenty. Ago to the substrate:2 square feet
3" deep = 1/2 cubic foot. Main point by 100 lbs per cubic foot for the heavier material = approximately 50 lbs, or main point by 50 pounds per cubic foot if you are using the lighter material = approximately 25 lbs.So the guesses by the over people space right: It will certainly take roughly 60 lbs of heavy substrate to give you 3" deep almost everywhere the tank, if your tank is 3 square feet in area. I offered just about 1 whole bag (50 lbs) that SMS in a 125 gallon tank (6" x 18" = 9 square feet)
3" deep (It was a tiny bit shallower in the front, yet has leveled off as the fish dig right into it) and had about 2 bags the Eco complete in there. (the EC looked lost in there, barely 1/2" deep.)I have additionally used SMS for plenty of smaller tanks. If you gain this product friend will have actually to acquire some an ext tanks to use it increase ;-)
I offered 3 bags the eco in my 29 gallon. This provides me roughly 2" in the front and also 3" in the back. I"d speak you require at the very least 2.5 to 3 bags.

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