I’m all around a great charcuterie board, but have you ever thought to do one with chicken wings? It’s a genius idea, and also one that is perfect to showcase the fan-favorite crispy chicken wing! sponsored by mine friends in ~ Farmer Focus.

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Chicken soup Bar

Ready for the many epic appetizer spread ever? This Chicken wing Charcuterie plank is any kind of wing lover’s dream. Also know as a Chicken soup Bar, we’ll take any type of excuse to consist of a vast batch the our favorite appetizer and also lay it out on a substantial board through a ton of cut veggies and dipping sauces and let our friends and also family choose their own adventure.

This is quite customizable and can be as classic or unique as you want it to be! We’re sharing several of our ideal tips for putting together this beautiful (and delicious) chicken wing charcuterie board so girlfriend are prepared the next time you require an amazing spread.


How to make the Chicken Wings

Let’s start with the main part of the present here! You’ve obtained to have actually the best, crispiest wings there space for a great chicken wing bar. Luckily for you, there space at least three different ways girlfriend can chef your wings for this board. The method that is the ideal might rely on how plenty of you plan to serve.

Baked Chicken Wings: This is by far the easiest technique for do wings! If you room planning to do a the majority of wings, baking them certainly makes the most sense.

Air Fryer Chicken Wings: there is no a doubt, do chicken wing in the air fryer is the best technique for the crispiest, juiciest wings! air Fryer Chicken Wings room quick and easy to make and are lot healthier 보다 deep frying. However, most air fryers don’t have a ton of capacity to make large batches. For this reason while this is our favorite method for do crispy wings, this might not do the many sense for huge batches that wings.

Instant Pot Chicken Wings: utilizing the immediate Pot renders for the many tender chicken wing ever. However, it’s a two-step process of cooking them very first in the instant Pot, and then transporting them to the oven. So you need to take that right into consideration.


Why We’ve been Buying Farmer emphasis Chicken for Years

Chicken wings are the star the this board, so it is incredibly essential to usage the best quality chicken! i am for this reason happy to companion with mine friends at Farmer focus to re-publishing this amazing chicken wing charcuterie board. If you’ve been a reader for a while, you understand Farmer emphasis has to be my go-to, trusted chicken for years because they proud themselves in developing the highest possible quality meat get an impressive on family-owned farms. You have the right to 100% taste the difference. Ns love knowing that once I pick up Farmer emphasis chicken in ~ the grocery store, that the finest there is and also I don’t have to question whether it was raised in a humane way.

Farmer focus is building partnerships through farmers v their fix up Farmer Focus organization Model

What ns love about Farmer emphasis is that they room a firm that promotes and also protects generational family members farming. They partner with end 60 household farms. This farmers are all specialized to pass organic, humanely raised and also traceable chicken to her table, and I simply love that!

Every Farmer emphasis product consists of a 4-letter farm yard ID that traces her chicken to the farm yard that raised it, for this reason you can learn more about wherein your chicken come from. Ns love the accountability! On their website you deserve to see where all of the ranches are located, so girlfriend know just where her chicken to be raised!

Farmer emphasis chickens space humanely raised and fed a diet cost-free from pet byproducts, pesticides, and also antibiotics.

You can likewise use your easy keep locator to discover where friend can obtain this amazing top quality chicken close to you.


What to put on her Chicken soup Board

Now come the funny part! What to placed on her chicken wing plank is completely up come you! but we’re share some ideas below.


Of course, you space going to require wings on your board! having actually three different types of wings is a good starting point. We favor to make certain at least one of the wing choices is no sauced. We recommend one of two people making them plain (with simply salt and pepper) or making use of a dried rub. Examine out this air Fryer Chicken Wing recipe, which walk into much more detail around a dry rub.

You can cook every one of your wings an initial and climate toss lock in your sauces (such together buffalo or bbq) after, and also then location on the board. Do make certain to placed some parchment record underneath, together they can obtain a little messy. And also be certain to serve plenty of napkins or wet wipes along with any key you put out.

If you space making a really large charcuterie board, you have the right to scale increase from three different types of wings and also include more.


Sauces offer a dual purpose here. They room perfect because that dipping both the wings and also the veggies! here are some alternatives for adding to her wing bar!

Blue Cheese


There is a reason cut-up veggies are offered with wings, especially spicy wings! Cut-up celery, carrots, and cucumbers are good to serve v wings due to the fact that it help neutralize the warmth and solid taste between bites, enabling you to gain your next bite all the more! Plus, us all love that crunch the adds come the board. Below are part veggie ideas:

Carrots Celery Cucumber Radishes Cherry tomatoes Sliced bell peppers or sweet snacking peppers Jicama rod Snap peas


You can acquire really an innovative here! here are part other additions to include to your boards:

Chips Tortilla Chips Nuts Olives Pickles reduced Cheese

How numerous Wings carry out I require Per Person?

How numerous wings to offer per human will rely on what component of the enjoy the meal this is. If you are serving the chicken wing charcuterie board as the main meal or key appetizer, friend should setup to do 6-10 wing piece per person. Girlfriend should additionally plan to serve at least 4-6 pieces of veggies per person.

If you room serving this together an appetizer that will certainly come prior to a enjoy the meal or will accompany other appetizers, you can arrangement to make 3-5 wing pieces per person and at least 2-4 veggie pieces.

You need to note that once we to speak wing piece here, us mean reduced wings (the flat or wingette and the drumette).

How many Wings are in a Pound?

So currently that you recognize how many wings per human being you need, currently you need to recognize how numerous pounds that equates to out to be! when this deserve to vary depending on the dimension of the wings, a rough estimate is that one pound of chicken wing is around 10-12 cut chicken wings.

So for the main course, if you room rounding up, friend can arrangement to buy around one lb of chicken wings every person.

And because that an appetizer, if you space rounding up, girlfriend can arrangement to to buy about half a lb of chicken wings every person.


Suggestions for Making it front of Time

Putting together a board such as this soup board can be a bit labor-intensive, yet nothing as well difficult. The many intensive part is simply planning what you want to incorporate on it, and also then shopping because that those ingredients.

Once you’ve obtained all her ingredients ready, there space a couple of things you deserve to do in advance. You have the right to make any type of sauces you need ahead the time. And you have the right to prep her vegetables up to at some point ahead that time.

Carrots and also celery deserve to be stored in water. It might seem counterintuitive, yet storing castle in cold water keeps lock fresh and also crisp. Any type of other cut veggies deserve to be save in a dried air-tight container with a moist (but not soaking) file towel on top of them.

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You can additionally grab the end your board, any serving bowls, dishes, and also utensils and lay them out ahead of time.