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So you have actually volunteered come cater because that the yearly office barbecue.

As the day fast approaches, her enthusiasm turns to panic as you establish you have actually no idea how much meat you have to prepare.

No one desires to send your guests house from a barbecue.

Don’t despair, there are some tried and also tested guidelines to ensure you prepare the perfect lot of food, indigenous the appropriate amount the meat per person to the ideal variety of sides. Stop run through them.

Meat planning guidelines

The an initial question you need to ask yourself is this:

Is meat walking to consist of the whole meal? Or is it simply some that the food you arrangement to placed on offer in addition to appetizers, next dishes, and dessert?

It is essential to look at your barbecue as a whole, together this will conserve you the seemingly difficult task of planning precisely how lot meat you will certainly serve every guest.

For youngsters under 12 years of age, count on them eating about fifty percent the quantity of one adult.

Having this rough tip in mind takes most of the an enig and angst the end of planning exactly how much meat come prepare.

Of course, there is an ext that you might want to consider to finetune your menu.

As because that the side dishes, ask yourself just how filling lock are most likely to be? will you mainly have light salads and grilled veggies, or part potato or cheesy pasta dishes? Creamy, carb-laden dishes will fill your guests up quite a bit.

You may even want to serve up some dark and also some irradiate meat, such as chicken wings and also brisket. This way, guests have the right to load up on the type of meat lock prefer.

If you are cooking for a smaller, much more familiar crowd, climate preparing individual parts of meat is not as tricky.

Factors to consider

There are a lot of different factors that deserve to influence exactly how much food you have to prepare:

How plenty of side dishes execute you arrangement to serve, and also how “heavy” room they going come be? will you serve dessert?Is this going come be having lunch or dinner, and how lengthy is the occasion likely come last? A lengthy lunch that lingers could mean guests will certainly graze. In general, however, human being will tend to eat much more for dinner.Who is coming? will certainly there it is in a many kids? Are most of your guests males or women? Are few of your guests vegetarians? What period are her guests?What type of gathering is it? official or informal? Sit down or mill around? will certainly there be alcohol? Alcohol generally leads to raised food consumption.

How lot brisket per person?

A an excellent rule of thumb is to counting on about ⅓ pound of cooked meat because that each person for a main.

This amount may vary between ½ pound if her guests are large eaters or you nothing have many sides, to ¼ lb if her sides room generous.


Similarly, a third to a half of a lb of cooked pulled pork is a an excellent amount per human as a main.

If you arrangement to offer your traction pork in a sandwich, around ¼ lb per person is most likely to be enough.

Barbecue plan tips

Here are a few more helpful suggestions as soon as planning your upcoming event:

If you arrangement to collection your food out buffet style, line up all her sides and an additional meats first so the everyone fills up your plate before they obtain to the main meat.If you serve other meats, such together chicken or sausages, make certain they are cut up right into bite-sized pieces. This will certainly encourage world to eat a little of all her side dishes, spreading your main meat further.To avoid a frantic rush on the day, do some ready the work before.

Get liven trimming her meat, preparing political parties that have the right to be stored safely overnight, and preparing and applying rubs and also marinades.

Check the pantry and barbecue to make certain you have everything you will require on the day.

The trick come making sure everything is all set at the best time

Getting all her meat prepared to offer at a details time is a nightmare for novice pitmasters.

This is whereby the“faux cambro” will save your life.

In layman’s terms, a cambro is essentially an insulated box. You have the right to buy purpose-built cambros if food preparation for a group is something you perform on a continuous basis, but for the casual cook, a high quality beer cooler v a good seal will do the trick.

To usage one:

Plan the start of your chef so the your meat will be excellent at the very least an hour before you mean to eat. The way, if the meat takes longer to chef than girlfriend expected, you will certainly still be on time. If it’s done an hour earlier, this is whereby the faux cambro comes in.Fill it with around three gallons of warm tap water and also seal because that 30 mins to warmth upEmpty the water and also put a towel in the bottomWrap her cooked meat in foil. Collection the sheathe meat in a disposable aluminum tray on the towelPlace an additional towel top top top and also seal the lid. Done.

A ideal practice is to use a meat thermometer. Leaving the probe in the meat and also let the wire dangle the end so you can check on the interior temp indigenous time to time, making certain it remains in the for sure temperature zone.

You could additionally pop her meat in the oven at a low temperature. However, if you space using the oven to chef side dishes or desserts, this may not be a viable option.

Wrapping it up

Aside from the general guide that ⅓ lb of cooking meat every person, there space a few things you have to take into account come answer the question “How much meat every person?”

How many human being are coming? How many side dishes perform I plan to offer? What is the demographic of the guests? What time of day is the plan event? These are all questions you must keep in mind.

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Do girlfriend have any type of handy proposal for feeding a crowd the you would choose to share? Or any questions we haven’t covered?

Be sure to allow us understand in the comments ar below. And also if you found this post helpful, be sure to share.