Bungee jumping has been a popular too much sport because that a lengthy time now, specifically with young world travelling abroad. There have actually been many high-profile media reports end the last couple of years around people dice from bungee jumping, however how many recorded deaths have there actually been?

How many people have passed away bungee jumping? There to be 18 recorded deaths indigenous bungee jumping between 1986 and also 2002. In much more recent years, there have actually been 5 bungee jumping fatalities recorded in between 2015 and 2018. Bungee jumping fatality statistics report a 1 in 500,000 opportunity of a fatality. 

Average bungee jumping deaths every year

During my research into exactly how many civilization die bungee jumping, ns was just able to uncover statistics from 1986 come 2002 and then 2015 to 2018. Based on that, I found the following fatality numbers since bungee jumping was invented.

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18 deaths in 16 years: from 1986 come 20025 deaths in 4 years: indigenous 2015 to 2018 

If you take it those fatalities and the years, castle spread throughout that equals 23 deaths in 20 years. Therefore, there are 1.15 bungee jumping deaths every year ~ above average that get reported in the press.. 

How many people die native bungee jumping? It’s about 1.15 deaths a year on average.

I could find no videotaped deaths native 2002 come 2015, however we have to assume the fatalities did occur throughout this time period.

Please Note: this are just “recorded deaths”. There can be much more than this that ns didn’t find that go un-reported as result of them continue in foreign countries to non-US and also UK nationals.

What space the possibilities of dying once bungee jumping?

Bungee jumping has had actually its fair share that media attention, specifically with some of the tragic deaths that have been recorded because 2015 (you have the right to see instances of those lower down the page).

However, the statistics in reality tell a little bit of a various story; there is only being a 2 in one million possibility of dying. Compare that to other things such as driving, and we check out the statistics below:

The risk of fatality whilst bungee jumping: 1 in 500,000The danger of fatality whilst ~ above a car journey: 1 in 20,000 

In reality, bungee jumping is actually an extremely safe providing it’s done correctly. The main cause of death will be person error.

Did you Know? numerous states in America banned bungee jumping after ~ deaths in the 1990s. Currently there is a lot of of law over exactly how old you need to be to carry out a jump. I’ve published a table which mirrors each country and what the minimum period limit is.

The fatality risk of bungee jumping vs other sports

I also wanted to find out what the threat of fatality was in various other sports, including some that the much more extreme activities. This serves as a an extremely interesting comparison. 

American Football: 1 in 50,000Base Jumping: 1 in 60Boxing: 1 in 2,200Canoeing and also Kayaking: 1 in 10,000Cycling: 1 in 140,845Grand Prix Driving: 1 in 100Hang Gliding: 1 in 560Jogging and Running: 1 in 1,000,000Motorcycle Racing: 1 in 1,000Mountain Climbing: 1 in 1,750Mountain Hiking: 1 in 15,700Scuba Diving: 1 in 34,400Skiing: 1 in 1,400,000Skydiving: 1 in 101,083Snowboarding: 1 in 2,200,000Swimming: 1 in 1,000,000 

And then to make you feel a tiny bit much better about it, I even researched the opportunity of death in much more everyday activities apart from driving (including a line bite): 

Air Travel:27 deaths in every 100,000 hrs flown.Motorbike Travel:45 deaths because that every 100 million mile drivenSnake Bite: 1 in 50,000,000 chance.

Recorded deaths from bungee jumping

To calculate several of the numbers I used in the death statistics, ns searched Google to see how plenty of media reports I might find of deadly accidents.

Here’s a year through year failure of several of the push reports I uncovered relating to taped bungee jumping fatalities from the last couple of years.

Recorded bungee jumping deaths in 2018

I was only able to uncover one recorded death in 2018 which arisen in the joined States.

Recorded bungee jumping deaths in 2017

No reports found.

Recorded bungee jumping deaths in 2016

As with 2018, over there was just one fatality report I uncovered in 2016, this time arising in Brazil.

Recorded bungee jumping deaths in 2015

2015 had an additional recorded bungee run fatality through this report indigenous Spain.

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I to be planning on doing a bungee jump in Thailand next summer, so want to acquire an idea on what the opportunity of a fatality can be. Yep, that’s just how my psychic works!

Sometimes the bungee jumps in foreign countries don’t have actually the strict health and also safety controls you can expect in the UK and United States. Countless of the accidents will occur due to faulty equipment, poorly trained operators, and also getting the load calculations wrong.

If you are going to be trying this excessive sport out on your travels, right here are a few safety pointers to mitigate the risk of injury coming come you:

Only jump with a trustworthy bungee firm company. Google them and also see what other world have come say around the experience before you go.If the doesn’t feel right, then don’t execute it.You might additionally like…

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