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AuthorTopic: HOW many POUNDS every GALLON? PRICE every POUND? (Read 31995 times)

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Hey everyone, I had two fast questions. I can"t it seems ~ to discover the info archived. How much is approximately the pound tantamount of a gallon of honey? also how much per pound is everyone getting for their honey this season. Just curious. I"ve been offering mine this season because that 5 dollars per 540 grams or simply over a pound. Ns can"t psychic how plenty of pounds bottled I have been getting out that a one gallon bucket. Its generally such a mess when I bottle that ns haven"t measured the end ounces. Ns have an ext honey to come turn off the hives and want come buy just sufficient jars. Many thanks steve
I think there are about 46 oz. Load per quart that honey. Ns don"t understand if that has the container or not. I experienced that weight just the various other day on a quart of love husband at a country store selling honey because that a regional beekeper.

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" A pint"s a pound the human being around." many liqueds space close to that. That gives around 8 pounds a gallon. Provide or take it an ounce.wayne
Hmmm, never weighed any type of honey but roughly here the locals market a quart of honey together 3 pounds and also a gallon together 12 pounds. I experienced a 3 pound jar at Wal Marts the various other night and also it looked pretty darn close to being quart sized....
A pint is a lb doesn"t use to honey. It is denser than water obviously, so that is about 3 pounds every quart or 1 1/2 pounds per pint. I sell my honey for 4.00 a pound, 5.00 a pint, and also 9.00 a quart. I number most world want a bargain, so the more they buy, the cheaper per pound. However, I might get an ext judging indigenous the reaction of human being when castle pay for it...
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I yes, really look prefer this, simply ask Cindi.

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The pints a lb the world roughly is true for many liquids other than honey. In the case of love husband a 12 oz water container will host 1 lb (16 ounces) the honey. Mine daughter to buy a 1 lb jar of life honey throughout a vacation in east Washington (Alfalfa country) for comparison purposes for $3.98.
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