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Hi guys! I"m new to the forum, and also pretty new to pipe smoking also. I have a question for you. I have read that civilization store their mass tobacco in mason jars. How many ounces go one mason jug hold?
How huge is your mason jar? over there isn"t just one size. Remember, too, the "ounces" is a weight, not a measure up of volume. A jar would accommodate many much more tins (ounces) of a heavy flake 보다 it would, say, a an extremely loose-cut blend. Normally speaking, though, I would certainly say that a half-pound that a standard, non-flake mixture have to fit fine. Because that a heavier blend, it could accommodate a pound. And if girlfriend really push the tobacco under in the jar. . . Well, i couldn"t say.Bob

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I have actually a bunch that 16 oz mason jars I usage for save on computer tobacco. Ns was maybe to put 4oz that Penzance (a krumble cake) in a jar. That pipeline a tiny room because that air at the top. At the same time I was just able to put around 2oz of bulk tobacco from the Gatlin-Burlier in a 16 oz jar. I don"t understand if they weigh out their tobacco really generously or if the fine ribbon cut just take away up means more room (I didn"t weigh it with a scale I just took your word for it), but I was surprised that the 4oz of tobacco ns bought needed two jars. I could probably right 6-8 oz of GL Pease Gaslight in a 16oz mason jar due to the fact that it is pressed right into cakes. I constantly just gravity fill the jars, girlfriend probably can fit an ext if friend pressed it some.So, prefer rmbittner said, it depends on the size of her jar and also the tobacco you are using. You have the right to pick increase mason jars in ~ Walmart or Target. Just buy everything size is many convenient for her storage space. Part people also prefer come use little jars, as they have the right to fill an ext of them with their preferred tobacco blend. That means when they open one jar, they have the right to keep aging the rest of the blend.