There are various measurement units: centimeters, kilograms, inches, feet, etc. In part cultures, civilization still use their arms and fingers to measure things. And then there room onions. What? Is this a joke? interesting way enough, the is not. Have you ever come to be frustrated because of not knowing how countless onions you should buy in ~ the groceries because that this new recipe? Well, we all have been there and also know the feeling. So, come answer her questions, we’ve ready so kind of one essay top top this topic.

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How numerous onions in a cup?

So did you do it encountered a recipe that reads “1 tool onion diced,” and also want to know just how you’re supposed to define a medium onion? Let’s disclose this horrendous secret. A medium onion weighs about 8 ounces, and also if chopped, fits in a cup simply perfectly.

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And now comes pure mathematics, therefore if you have actually an allergy come it, you can skip this paragraph. Adhering to the vault statement, we can conclude that two cups that chopped onions sweet just around one pound. Now, after part clever calculations, 1 cup the diced onions about equals to about 220 grams, i m sorry is just almost ¼ kilograms.

Okay, every those calculations don’t adjust the reality that we all perceive size differently. Not to cite that some might cut turn off or peel off much more while clean an onion. That’s why yes no details answer the inquiry of how many onions do you need.

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The carrot problem

The same problem uses to carrots and also basically any type of other food. Once a recipe reads the “you need to chop 1 tool carrot” or “you need 1 or ½ cup that chopped carrots,” it can make your mind go wild. Follow to the United states Department of Agriculture, a medium carrot is around 5.5” come 7.25” and can weigh something between 50 to 72 grams. Well, isn’t that frustrating?

If you perform the math, you’ll check out that 1 cup must be equal to around 3 together carrots. However, top top practice, it relies on whether you chop, slice, or shred them. Turns out, friend need about 1.5 chopped carrots to fill 1 mean cup. If you desire to part those carrots, you will need roughly 2 or more carrots. And also in the instance of shredding, girlfriend will need as numerous as 3 carrots to to fill 1 cup.

Imagine mankind in a parallel reality steps time in onions. How would ours lives adjust if we used such measurement system? jokes aside, this situation with onions, carrots, and also cup can be certainly really frustrating. It is why us recommend making use of recipes that don’t have any kind of cups. Wouldn’t it be much better if those recipes had all ingredient in grams or ounces?

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