I have actually owned mine HHR because that over 3 years, bought it provided with 88,000 mile on it. I"ve changed the struts,shocks, spark plugs, serpentine belt, steering control arms and also put drilled and also slotted rotors on the brakes. Operation great, move fine and all I carry out is placed gas in her and readjust the oil every 3000 miles. If you carry out the maintenance, they will go the extra miles.I drive roughly 33,000 miles every year and ....it has actually been great to own, and also it watch good!!!

Use mine as a courier mainly on high ways. No mechanical problems. Changed struts and also shocks in ~ 150K. If execute not change them in fashionable manner, tires will certainly wear badly. Numerous power, good transmission and also a quiet ride. Great a/c and also radio. Fun to drive. All at once average 31 MPG. Since its rather square, huge difference in mpg if have a tail wind matches a head wind. Pretty on board computer system for mean MPG and also miles it spins fuel empty. Speedometer about 2 mph fast. MPG ~ above computer about 10% top top high side. (Need - 10% mediate on MPG.) Capacity with rear seat folded; 5" deep and 3" wide. Can load and also carry a tiny skid. Best front seat will certainly fold down flat to carry an item that is 2" large and 8" long.

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I purchased my HHR used as a re-constructed auto with 6100mi ~ above it and it is a an excellent daly driver the I usage in my electronic devices bussness. I drive 40000+ mile a year and also out side of a collection of tires and also oil transforms every 3000 mile I gibberish had any out of bag expences. The olny negitave is the placement of the home window switches ~ above the reduced dash whitch on later on models space on the doors.

I bought mine HHR in July of 07, and it now has 23K"trouble free" miles on it. I took that on a 5K miletrip (mostly interstate driving) last year,and obtained 35.6 mpg. I usually average 30 mpg, on the highway. As far as quality, fit/finish, and also bang for my buck, ns feel the Chevy fight a residence run with the HHR. 2 dislikes: first gear performance is a bit anemic, and also I dislike the power window button locations. I"ve because heard that Chev. Resolved that top top the 2008-09 models. No automobile is perfect. However, in ~ $ 15K a copy,how can you complain? give thanks to you Chevrolet...

I purchased my 2007 HHR new from the dealer. Ns have had to change 3 tires due to affect blows indigenous going end rail road tracks or normal rate bumps. The struts have actually been replaced and the wheel housing....and my automobile only has actually 28,000 mile on it! The yahoo in ~ Chevy headquarters, who I to be assigned to, never returned my calls. When people come approximately me and tell me just how cute the auto is i tell them to buy something else since this automobile is a item of CR*P!

I bought a new 2007 HHR, adhered to all the required maintenance items, went to NM because that the summer and while driving under a very high hill the brakes began chattering. Take it it to a dealer, the brake rotors were warped (at simply under 21,000 miles)and ns was charged $151.20 to solve them. Not covered under warranty- "That"s a maintenance item". Plenty of complaints, consisting of letters to the Chairman the GM result in much more frustration than imaginable. Every agreed (after the Chairman letter) the I need to be reimbursed yet you cannot think all the things they need for payment. Every time ns supplied one of the forced items,they would certainly agree pay was coming, however, castle needed simply one more thing first. Once that to be provided, they still needed simply one an ext thing, on and also on, advertisement nauseum. Complaining to the BBB Autoline, as detailed in the owner"s hands-on is a joke! The response I rec"d was the they wouldn"t execute a thing since there to be "no defect or inferior workmanship" involved. Ns guess they figure poor brakes aren"t a defect- or might they probably be in cahoots through GM?????!!? Regardless, i will never buy an additional GM product. Let "em go belly up as far as I"m concerned.

I"ve owned a 2007 HHR for practically two years, have 35K miles and also I love it. Top top trips I get 32-36 mpg depending on how rapid I drive. Approximately town I median 28-29 mpg. My just complaint is the ar of the window switches. They should be top top the doors, no the center console. I have the traditional 2.2l engine through auto trans. And have no complaints about performance. Great car GM. Thanks!

This HHR replaced a Chevrolet 2500 pick-up. That gets more than twice the gas mileage together the pick-up and also yet it has the room to haul a few things in the back.It has an excellent performance, it is comfortable, that is easier to park, that is fun to drive and also I have had actually no troubles with it.On the an unfavorable side, the air conditioner needs a big percentage that the engine power and also reduces the gas purpose of use drastically. The power home window controls space at the bottom that the center of the dash and also are tough to obtain too.

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In 2007 ns bought a brand-new HHR and also I really prefer the car. Mine has a standard transmission and is a most fun to drive, has great acceleration and rides an excellent for a small car. Recently, GMAC offered o% gaue won for as much as 72 month so i checked right into the opportunity of getting a 2008 HHR v payments similar to what I have actually now. I did not placed anything down on the auto when ns bought is so ns knew i was upside down I just didn"t know just how much. Ns was shocked and also somewhat insulted once the very same dealer i bought the HHR from claimed the vehicle was currently worth around $8,000, $5,500 much less than i owe on the vehicle. Ns put around 16,000 miles on the car, mainly freeway, yet there is nothing else that would alleviate the worth of the car. Maybe I to be naive, but it appears to me that even a domestic vehicle with a good rating need to not depreciate by virtually 50% in one year. I am not saying I would not buy an additional one, due to the fact that I execute like the car, however I will certainly make details that I choose what I gain well enough to save for a lengthy long time.

I LOVE mine HHR!!!! i commute 90 mile a day and it has held up good for over a year. Great looks, comfort, great gas mileage, and good price. What much more could girlfriend ask for?