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There are 6 women named Mary in the Bible. The name appears 61 times in the new Testament. Mary was a famous female surname during bible time and is still renowned today. There space a lot of civilization who space either named Mary, have a relative named Mary, or they know someone v that name.

Here space the six bible women called Mary.

Mary, mom of Jesus (Luke thing 1 and 2)

Each biblical Mary has interesting features that are questioned below.


Mary, the mommy of Jesus

Whenever Mary, the mother of Jesus was in a group with other women, her surname was always mentioned first. Mary Magdalene's name was constantly mentioned second and was mentioned very first if Mary, the mommy of Jesus was not present. Mary the mom of Jesus, likewise known as the Madonna, is among the main characters in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. She is stated by name twelve times and mostly in Matthew and also Luke bordering the birth of Jesus. Mark and John perform not document the birth of Jesus.

Only 2 of the Gospel writers point out Mary through name. They room Matthew 13:55 and Mark 6:3. In addition, Matthew 12:46–50 and Mark 3:31–35 both define Mary's visit to Jesus together an adult however without mentioning her by name.

The Gospel that John refers to Mary, the mom of Jesus twice. It is the only among the 4 Gospels that claims she was present at the Crucifixion.


Mary Magdalene in Garden through Jesus ~ His resurrection

Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene was a unique friend of Jesus. Magdalene is not her last name because biblical world had no last names. Castle were figured out by the city they live in. In stimulate to distinguish this mary from the other five, Magda is included to her name. Magda to be a city southwest the the Sea of Galilee.

Mary Magdalene came to be a dedicated follower and supported Jesus' ministry after Jesus actors out seven demons indigenous her. She to be the very first one that Jesus showed up to after ~ His resurrection.

All four Gospels name mary Magdalene as one of the little group of ladies who saw Jesus' tomb and also found the empty. Luke to be the only writer that did not name she as one of the countless women current at the Crucifixion. Mar Magdalene is named three times in Matthew, four times in Mark, twice in Luke and also three time in John.

Mary Magdalene is the one who had actually a conversation in the garden after His resurrection. She thought he to be the gardener until He called her by she name. She had actually heard Him execute so countless times before His death. So, she well-known it in the garden. She wanted to hug Him, yet he stated not to touch Him until after that ascended to His Father. In the meantime, he told her to go and tell the disciples that He to be alive.


Mary and also Martha, Luke 10

Mary the Bethany

Mary the Bethany is described in the Gospels that John and Luke. Mary, Martha, and also Lazarus were siblings and also dear friends of Jesus. They all resided in the town of Bethany close to Jerusalem, and Jesus visited them.

Mary rectal three locations in the Gospels.

Sitting at Jesus' feet while she sister mar prepares a enjoy the meal for JesusAt the tomb after Lazarus' deathThe unnamed woman that anointed Jesus' feet through perfume prior to His death

Sitting in ~ Jesus' Feet

When Jesus checked out Martha and Mary, Martha stayed in the kitchen preparing food while mary sat at Jesus' feet. Jesus claimed Mary determined the far better part.

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At Lazarus' TombJesus met with the sister at Lazarus' tomb. Martha is the much more aggressive sister that goes immediately to meet Jesus as he arrives. She appears to rebuke him by speak if He had actually arrived previously her brother would certainly not have died. Once Jesus calls mary out to wherein He was, He experienced that she was weeping. Her an answer was fairly the the opposite of she sister's.