There"s no single typical dictating the variety of tricks, butloads, or characters on a keyboard; a lot of service providers use the COMPUTER keyboard via a full of 104 alphanumeric tricks as a de facto traditional. Tright here have been many type of various manufacturers over the years, so the number of secrets varies from design to model. On this page, we list the vital counts for many of the even more widespread forms of keyboards in their corresponding classes.

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IBM/PC keyboards

Original IBM PC Keyboard (1981) - 83 keysUpdated IBM PC Keyboard (1984) - 84 keysAT Keyboard - 84 keysAT Enhanced Keyboard - 101 keysUS Traditional Keyboard - 101 keysEnhanced European Keyboard - 102 keysWindows Keyboard - 104 keysWindows-based Laptop Keyboard - 86 keys

Apple keyboards

Apple Keyboard through Numeric Keypad - 109 keysApple Wiremuch less Keyboard - 78 keysApple MacBook Air laptop - 78 keys

Miscellaneous keyboards

Other keyboard configurations may include more than 104 keys, mostly being the Korean, Japanese, and Brazilian key-boards. Also, key-boards with tricks to regulate a CD drive and Media Center use utilizing one-of-a-kind secrets might have actually a number of dozen extra tricks. Other keyboards provide programmable secrets and also may fall right into the category of a programmable or gaming keyboard.

Gaming keyboards, media key-boards, or programmable key-boards frequently have actually 110 to 115 keys. The certain variety of keys they have relies on the added usability they carry out for a computer system and also to customers.

How many function secrets are on a keyboard?

Today"s traditional COMPUTER keyboards have actually 12 function tricks, F1 via F12. Some specialized COMPUTER keyboards have 24 feature tricks, F1 with F24.

Many type of Apple desktop computer keyboards through a number pad have 19 feature secrets, F1 via F19.

How many type of secrets are on the numeric keypad

Most desktop computer system key-boards have actually one numeric keypad via 17 secrets on the COMPUTER and 18 tricks on Apple key-boards.

Some lappeak key-boards encompass a numeric keypad, while others do not. Many laptops with a 15-inch or bigger display dimension have actually a numeric keypad. Laptops through smaller display sizes typically execute not have actually a numeric keypad.


Some computers may also have an outside USB numeric keypad attached to the computer system. An outside USB numeric keypad can have any kind of number of keys. For instance, the one shown on our numeric keypad web page has actually 31 tricks.


When talking about a keypad on a phone or protection keypad, this keypad has 12 butlots. The numbers zero with nine, through keys for the astehazard (*) and also pound (#).

How many type of number secrets are on a keyboard?

If you only count the peak row of number tricks on a keyboard, numbers 1 via 0, tbelow are ten number keys on the keyboard.

If the key-board also has a numeric keypad (1 through 0), there are twenty number secrets on the key-board.

How many kind of alphabetic secrets are on a keyboard?

On an English computer keyboard, tbelow are the same variety of alphabetic tricks as there are in the English alphabet; 26 tricks for the 26 letters.

How many kind of icons are on a keyboard?

On an English QWERTY key-board, tright here are 40 signs (e.g., ~, !,
, #, $, and also % that are not letters or numbers) on 28 secrets. Tright here is a distinction in numbers because some of the keys have actually two icons.


The count above contains the Windows crucial and also Menu essential (3 keys) and also does not count the arrowhead secrets.

How many kind of arrow keys are on a keyboard?

Tright here are 4 arrowhead keys (up, best, dvery own, and also left arrow) on a key-board. If you likewise count the arrow tricks uncovered on most PC key-boards number pad, tbelow are eight arrow tricks.

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How many rows of secrets are tbelow on a keyboard?

Counting the attribute tricks row, tbelow are six rows of tricks. Three of those rows (peak row, house row, and also bottom row) contain alphabetic letters that aren"t in alphabetical order. When you place your hand also on the keyboard, your fingers need to be on the residence row.