To convert a hertz measurement come a megahertz measurement, division the frequency by the counter ratio.

because one megahertz is same to 1,000,000 hertz, you can use this an easy formula to convert:

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Hertz and megahertz are both units provided to measure up frequency. Keep reading to learn an ext about every unit that measure.


Hertz is formally defined as the frequency equalling one cycle per second.<1>

The hertz is the SI derived unit for frequency in the metric system. Hertz can be abbreviated together Hz; because that example, 1 hertz deserve to be composed as 1 Hz.

Frequency in hertz can be expressed making use of the formula: Hz = CyclesTimes


Megahertz is a measure up of frequency equal to one million cycles every second.

The megahertz is a many of the hertz, i m sorry is the SI derived unit because that frequency. In the metric system, "mega" is the prefix because that 106. Megahertz can be abbreviated as MHz; for example, 1 megahertz can be written as 1 MHz.

Hertz come Megahertz counter Table

Hertz dimensions converted to megahertz Hertz Megahertz
1 Hz 0.000001 MHz
2 Hz 0.000002 MHz
3 Hz 0.000003 MHz
4 Hz 0.000004 MHz
5 Hz 0.000005 MHz
6 Hz 0.000006 MHz
7 Hz 0.000007 MHz
8 Hz 0.000008 MHz
9 Hz 0.000009 MHz
10 Hz 0.00001 MHz
100 Hz 0.0001 MHz
1,000 Hz 0.001 MHz
10,000 Hz 0.01 MHz
100,000 Hz 0.1 MHz
1,000,000 Hz 1 MHz


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