I’ve done the research and put this post together to assist you find everything you need to know about grape weights and calories.

After weighing various red and also green supermarket-bought seedless grapes I discovered that one average-sized grape weighs approximately 7g, a tiny grape weighs roughly 5g and also a big grape weighs approximately 11g.

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Read ~ above to discover out much more about grape weights and also calories, consisting of weight conversion charts and calorie charts for various weights and also serving sizes, therefore you discover the info you need.


How lot Does a Grape Weigh? (In Grams, Ounces, Kilograms and Pounds)

The table listed below shows the conversion weights of one average-sized grape, to aid you work out the weights the a single grape.

If you’re in search of weights for bigger grape parts then head on come the following section.

WeightWeight the oneaverage-sized grape

Grape weight & Calorie graph For assorted Serving Sizes

This graph is based upon an average-sized grape the 7g every grape (either green or red) and assuming a calorie count of 5kcal every 7g grape (as every MyFitnessPal).

I have cleared up each offer size based upon these averages and for various portion sizes for this reason you can work out the weights and calories per part size:

Grape Servingsize (based onaverage-sizedgrapes)Serving weight(in Grams & Ounces)Calories inKcal
1 grape7g/0.2oz5kcal
2 grapes14g/0.5oz10kcal
3 grapes21g/0.7oz15kcal
4 grapes28g/1oz20kcal
5 grapes35g/1.2oz25kcal
6 grapes42g/1.5oz30kcal
7 grapes49g/1.7oz35kcal
8 grapes56g/2oz40kcal
9 grapes63g/2.2oz45kcal
10 grapes70g/2.5oz50kcal
15 grapes105g/3.7oz75kcal
20 grapes140g/4.9oz100kcal

How many Grapes room in a Serving?

As component of the ‘5 a day’ recommendation, a section of grapes is thought about to be a handful of grapes of any size.

The grasp of seedless grapes in this image has 16 median to large-sized environment-friendly grapes which sweet 130g (without the stalks).

A handful of smaller red grapes consisted of 20 grapes.


What go a Punnet that Grapes Weigh?

In greengrocers and also some supermarkets, grapes space usually sold loose at a specific cost per kilogram or pound.

Most supermarkets market grapes packaged increase in a punnet of a specific weight i beg your pardon is normally 500g in weight (including stalks, however excluding packaging).

The variety of grapes in the load will vary depending on the dimension of the grapes and additionally the juice content which have the right to depend ~ above the grape-growing season.

How plenty of Grapes are in a Cup?

If you prefer to measure up by the cup, climate this ar will aid you to job-related out the weight and also amount that grapes every cup.

I to fill a united state cup through grapes of various sizes and a complete cup of grapes weighed 160g/5.6oz/0.16kg/0.35lb, this was same to a full of 23 grapes.

A cup of small grapes would contain about 30 grapes and also a cup of large grapes would certainly contain about 16 grapes in total.


How many Grapes room in 100g?

Based on an average-sized grape load of 7g, there are approximately 14-15 grapes in a 100g portion of red or eco-friendly seedless grapes.

How numerous Grapes space in a lb of Grapes?

Based top top an mean grape size of 7g (0.25oz), there are approximately 65 grapes in a pound of grapes (without stalks).

Equipment and also information provided for this article

I offered precision scale that weigh to 0.01 the a gram which is consistently calibrated v a 100g weight. For an ext information see my recommended weighing scale here.

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To make sure the details in this article is accurate, i researched and cross-referenced miscellaneous sources (as fine as original research) to achieve the correct weights and also calories.

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