Main distinction – AMU vs Grams

The terms amu and also grams are supplied to measure the fixed of substances. Therefore, grams have the right to be converted right into amu units and also amu units have the right to be converted into grams as well. Gram is a bigger unit when compared to amu, however gram is a smaller unit contrasted to other units supplied for the measure up of mass. The hatchet amu represents “atomic fixed unit” and is used for the measurements of very little substances such as atoms. The amu is the unit that is used to express the atomic mass that a chemical element. The main difference in between amu and grams is the amu is provided to refer the massive in atomic level conversely, gram is used as a metric unit the mass.

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1. What is AMU – Definition, Explanation, Calculation, Applications 2. What space Grams – Definition, Symbol, Applications 3. What is the Relationship between AMU and Grams – exactly how to convert Grams right into AMU 4. What is the Difference between AMU and also Grams – compare of crucial Differences

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What is AMU

The term amu deserve to be defined as a unit the mass the is same to specifically one twelfth of the mass of carbon-12 atom. The ax amu stands for “atomic mass units”. The worth of one twelfth that the fixed of carbon-12 atom is 1.660538921 x 10−27 kg. Therefore, 1amu is equal to 1.660538921 x 10−27 kg the mass. This is around equal come the mass of a proton or a neutron. (One carbon atom of caron-12 isotope is created of 12 protons. Climate the massive of one twelfth of that atom is equal to the fixed of a proton).


Figure 1: A diagram of carbon-12 atom

When the fixed of one atom is given in the devices of amu, it offers the amount of the masses of every protons and neutrons that space in the cell nucleus of the atom. Electrons have actually a negligible mass when compared to protons and also neutrons. However, since the number of protons is a distinct characteristic for any kind of given chemistry element, the mass of that variety of protons should also be unique for every element. The complete mass the the proton is named as the atomic variety of an element. Therefore, both atomic number and also atomic mass are given in the regards to amu.

The ide amu to be introduced because the masses of atoms are minute and also cannot it is in measured through the units that we use to measure hefty substances. Because that example, the fixed of a proton in grams or kilograms is a very little amount that is no that basic to it is in handled. Yet when it is offered in amu, it is very easy come handle.

What space Grams

Gram is a unit supplied to measure a fixed of a substance. It deserve to be characterized as the mass that is same to one thousandth of a kilogram (1/1000 kg). The symbol because that this unit is “g”. The older meaning for gram is “the massive of one cubic centimeter of water at 4oC. The gram is provided in measuring hard substances in the day come day life.


Figure 2: Grams is a measure unit supplied in day come day life

When using the symbol with a value, one must use a room between the value and also the symbol. Because that example, if over there is a compound having a massive of 450 the grams, climate it is given as “450 g”. The gram to be a fundamental unit for measuring the mass follow to the “centimeter-gram-second mechanism of units”. But later it was changed with kilogram (kg) in the SI unit system. 

Relationship between AMU and Grams

The state amu and grams deserve to be interconverted. This means amu can be converted into grams and grams have the right to be converted right into amu together well.

For example, the atomic load of carbon-12 isotope is 12 g/mol. That method one mole the carbon-12 isotope weighs 12 g. The atomic mass that carbon-12 isotope is 12 amu. Therefore,

1 mol the carbon-12 = 12 g 12 amu = 12 g / 1 mol = 12 g / 6.023 x 1023 Then, 1 amu = 1.66 x 10-24 g

Difference between AMU and also Grams


AMU: Amu have the right to be identified as a unit that mass the is same to specifically one twelfth the the massive of carbon-12 atom.

Gram: Gram can be defined as the mass the is same to one thousandth a kilogram (1/1000 kg).


AMU: The symbol supplied to express “atomic massive unit” is amu.

Gram: The symbol for grams is “g”.


AMU: The unit amu is used for dimensions in atom level.

Gram: Gram is offered in measuring big substances when contrasted to amu.


The terms amu and also grams are used in measure up masses that substances. Gram is used in our day to day life come express the mass of goods that we usage whereas amu is supplied for minute scale measurements. The key difference between amu and also grams is that amu is offered to refer the massive in atomic level whereas gram is supplied as a metric unit that mass.

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