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How countless grains of powder in a 1 pound can
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July 26, 2007, 11:54 PM#1

I to be trying to figure my cost per round.I have not done this because that a when so i cant remember specifically how to transform from 1 to the other.7000 grains = 1 pound of flour is what is sticking in mine head.Can someone please assist me here.

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July 26, 2007, 11:58 PM#2

To carry it a little farther...... If you space using a 7.0gr load, 7000gr per can divided by 7 equates to 1000 loadings per can. Climate in you payment $20.00 because that that have the right to of powder, $20.00 separated by 1000 equals $00.02 or 2 cent per load. Hope that helps.
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Ok,Thanks for the help guys.I believed thats what it was but could no remember for sure.LOL and a large +1 top top the "looks great on document but ....."But I prefer to gain a rough idea.Thanks again for your help.

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JJT,I have a worksheet the I emerged for reloading, but I can"t obtain it to post, however it"s yes, really simple, and gives me an exact cost per load when I"m through.Powder price per pound, divided by 7000 grains = price per grainCost every grain multiply by seed per load = expense per roundCost of Bullets split by amount per box =Bullet price per roundPrimer price divided by amount per box = Primer price per roundBrass cost divided by amount every bag = Brass cost per round.Totalled all with each other = total cost per invited roundI also have a ar on the sheet for The rifle caliber, kind of powder,Kind of bullet,Kind the Brass,Kind of Primer,Trim length,C.O.L.,Bullet weight, Sectional Density,Bal. Coef.,Book Velocity,Book Trajectory,Date loaded, and who ns loaded them for and also kind the rifle.I put in a few formulas so the all I need to do is placed in the prices and quantities and the computer figures whatever for me.I make two duplicates every time i load and put one in a book, and also give the various other one come whoever rounds space loaded because that so they can pay me for the loads. Comes in genuine handy if you need to go back and reload some much more shells, and you have forgotten what you loaded.I understand this sound super simple, but make you yourself a worksheet, and keep the on her desktop, and also you will be surprised at how plenty of times you use it.Hope this help a little.