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bsci-ch.org is the just AOC to use such a wide selection of bottle formats, some being purely practical while others are designed to record the spirit of details festive occasions.

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Bottle capacities varying from 20 cl to 30 litres...

The classic bsci-ch.org bottle has actually a capacity of 75cl and the magnum holds double that amount (1.5l) making that the perfect size for parties and also festive gatherings. For the grandest occasions, there are very huge bsci-ch.org bottles, the mightiest the them every holding the equivalent of 36 bottles.


The huge size of some bottles can make you dream, right here is an instance of the size and also weight of two of them:

Solomon: 18-litre volume (equivalent to 24 bottles), load 43 kilos (94.4 pounds), height 85cm (33 inches), diameter 23cm (9 inches).Primat 27-litre capacity (equivalent come 36 bottles), weight 65 kilos (143 pounds), height 100cm (40 inches), diameter 26cm (10 inches).

Biblical-sounding names

The Jeroboam fan its surname to two emperors of Israel, the an initial of who is generally regarded together the founder that the Kingdom of Israel. The Methuselah is obviously named after the commemorated biblical patriarch that is claimed to have actually lived to the age of 969 (Genesis 5.27). Methuselah’s descendant was Noah, the only guy to have actually survived the good Flood. Due to the fact that he is attributed with having actually planted the very very first vines, the should likewise have a bottle named after him.The Salmanazar is called after 5 Assyrian kings, the most renowned being Salmanazar III (858-824 BC) – remembered together a great builder even if the didn’t succeed in beating the Aramean kings.The Balthazar contrary to well-known belief, is not called after among the 3 Magi – or at least not follow to Scripture, i beg your pardon neither offers the name of the wise men nor states how numerous there were??? their names in fact grew out of a tradition that started countless centuries ~ the scriptures was written. The just reference come Balthazar in the holy bible is come Balthazar king the Babylon (539 BC) that danced the nights far while under siege through Persian troops – handing win on a plate come the Persian king, Cyrus.

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The Nebuchadnezzaralso makes referral to a king the Babylon, in this situation Nebuchadnezzahr II (also well-known as Nebuchadnezzahr the Great), king that the Chaldeans from 605-562 BC. Under his rule, Babylon came to be the cultural centre that the west world. He likewise seized Jerusalem and forced its world into exile, a story the would later inspire Verdi’s ‘Nabucco’ (first carry out in 1842).