I"m assuming you space referring come MB (megabyte) and GB(gigabyte). Both are dimensions of computing an are or storagespace.

In very rough terms, a byte is the digital representation of 1letter (A-Z) or 1 digit (0-9).

A megabyte (MB) is around 1 million (1,000,000) bytes, or1 million letters or digits.

A gigabyte (GB) is around 1 billion bytes(1,000,000,000), or 1 billion letter or digits.

So the difference between 512MB matches 512GB is that:

512MB = 512 million (512,000,000)

512GB = 512 billion (512,000,000,000)

These space approximations, rounded turn off for the sake ofsimplicity. Due to the fact that of the nature of computer mathematics, thenumbers room actually a little bit larger. So, 512GB is a LOT more than 512MB.

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