There’s a lot to see and also do as soon as traveling across the country, however you don’t desire to it is in fueling up much along the way. Luckily, drivers roughly Indianapolis, Lawrence, and also Speedway, IN,can journey theNissan Altima. This economic sedan gives you as much as an EPA-estimated 28 city/39 highway MPG.1

As much as midsize sedans go, those numbers room incredible. That's why our Andy Mohr Nissan team decided to create this considerable guide come the Nissan Altima's EPA-estimated MPG ratings. If friend have any type of questions, or if you'd choose to schedule a test drive, please call us today.

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Each trim level and also configuration of the Nissan Altima will attain a slightly various fuel-economy rating. When EPA-estimated 28 city and 39 highway MPG is the ideal rating—which you’ll uncover on the S trim once equipped v front-wheel journey (FWD)—every trim level that this sedan deserve to offer exceptional fuel economy.1

Trim Level

EPA-Estimated MPG


28 city/39 highway MPG1


27 city/37 highway MPG1


27 city/37 highway MPG1

SR VC-Turbo™

25 city/34 highway MPG1


27 city/37 highway MPG1

The Nissan Altima is available in a full of nine trim levels, with some obtainable with FWD and others with all-wheel journey (AWD). As soon as it involves FWD, these trims have actually a lot come offer. The SV, SR, and SL trims every earned EPA-estimated 27 city and also 37 highway MPG.1 The SR VC-Turbo™ trim the the Altima isn’t much behind the other trims, coming in v an EPA-estimated 25 city and 34 highway MPG.1

However, if you’re trying to find something v the extra grip and also control the comes v AWD, you’ll have actually four powerful trims come consider.


One of the methods this automobile works to boost your fuel economic situation while maximizing your handling is through the accessible Intelligent All-Wheel drive (AWD). This mechanism is design to administer torque to all 4 of her wheels come make certain you have the right to drive comfortably as soon as in a slippery situation.

In order to boost your fuel economy, though, this drivetrain will certainly switch come front-wheel drive once the roadways are clear. This ensures that you won’t use any extra fuel if you don’t have to use AWD, ensuring you reap the ideal of both civilizations with front-wheel and also all-wheel drive.

With this equipped, AWD trims that the Altima deserve to earn some superior fuel-economy ratings:

Trim Levels

EPA-Estimated Miles every Gallon


26 city/36 highway MPG1


25 city/35 highway MPG1


26 city/36 highway MPG1


25 city/35 highway MPG1

The SV and SL AWD trims both earn EPA-estimated 26 city and also 36 highway MPG, which is sure to store you top top the road and away indigenous the gas pump longer.1 also the SR and Platinum trims have the right to offer one astounding EPA-estimated 25 city and also 35 highway MPG.1

Overall, it’s clear the no issue which trim that the 2021 Nissan Altima friend choose, you’ll obtain to gain some wonderful fuel efficiency.



For those wonder how exactly the2021 Nissan sedanachieves such exceptional fuel-economy ratings, it all starts under the hood.

The Nissan Altima come standard with a 2.5L 4-cylinder engine. This powertrain can offer us approximately 188 horsepower and 180 lb-ft that torque. For more power, though, you can go v the available 2.0L VC-Turbo™ 4-cylinder engine and also get approximately 248 horsepower and 273 lb-ft that torque. The Altima also has a huge 16.2-gallon fuel tank that will save you going for miles and miles.

To direct all the power and maintain excellent efficiency, the Nissan Altima come standard v Xtronic CVT®. This fine-tuned repetitively variable transmission works difficult to minimize your fuel intake by offering a spectrum of equipment ratios. If you’d favor to take control of the gear shifting come engage much more with the drive, you can gain your Altima equipped v paddle shifters and also a manual shift mode.

Thanks to this features, you’ll get to gain smooth shifting and also economic performance in any situation.



The an innovation found within the Nissan Altima intends to improve your overall driving endure as you gain the excellent effectiveness this sedan provides. That’s why you’ll have certain standard features, such as:

Intelligent forward Collision WarningAutomatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian DetectionLane exit WarningRear check out MonitorIntelligent Driver Alertness

However, girlfriend can likewise get your version equipped with easily accessible features that will take her drives come the next level. Because that instance, consider accessible Nissan ProPILOT Assist.

By watching the roadway markers and also maintaining a safe distance behind traffic, ProPILOT aid will let you sit earlier and relax when on the highway. Just turn this on, and also your vehicle will instantly take treatment of those tiny driving inputs by itself.

You could additionally get your vehicle equipped through the accessible 7-inch Nissan progressed Drive-Assist® Display. With this system, you'll have actually all the most crucial driving stats on display screen right in former of you on your dashboard. It'll be easy to uncover out exactly how many an ext miles you have to go till you have to refuel at the pump. This is a an essential feature to have actually for those long-distance road trips.



With such excellent fuel-economy ratings, you’re certain to be spending a many time on the roadway in the 2021 Nissan Altima. To ensure girlfriend have whatever you need for great performance, this auto comes with a number of performance-enhancing features.

Things like Brake Assist and Hill begin Assist carry out support with countless of the necessaries of everyday driving. If Brake Assist applies increased force throughout a difficult brake, Hill begin Assist have the right to make certain you don’t role backwards once driving up a hill.

There’s likewise the vehicle Dynamic control with Traction regulate System. Maintaining you secure on the roadway is essential, especially in wet weather and low-traction situations. That’s why you’ll have this standard device working to save you steady.

The available Intelligent Trace manage system can likewise contribute come a smoother ride. This will monitor road conditions and intervene come brake particular wheels personally to assist you rotate corners v ease.



In order come really reduce your fuel usage, this car is also designed to be aerodynamic. Through a sleek exterior, air just rolls right over this sedan, ensuring the engine doesn’t have to work harder come reach higher speeds.

Not only that, yet a more aerodynamic build ensures the your vehicle will be able to accelerate much an ext smoothly when driving at greater speeds. If you require a automobile that’s smooth and efficient ~ above the highway, you may want to choose this sedan.



Of course, the engineering of your car isn’t the only element you should consider when you’re feather to conserve fuel. It’s also important come make certain you’re taking suitable steps through your maintenance and your steering style.

One the the easiest ways you can offer your fuel economic situation a boost is by always keeping her tire push up. If it’s low, the may cause excessive resistance in between your vehicle and also the road, forcing her engine to job-related harder. By keeping your tires at their recommended pressure, you’ll optimize her fuel economy.

Paying fist to your driving style is likewise important once it pertains to achieving an excellent fuel economy. It’s important to avoid pressing too difficult on your gas pedal if friend don’t require to. Making certain to coastline when moving downhill can likewise be a great way to gain speed without utilizing gas.

Finally, your air-conditioning system boosts fuel use. If you’re steering on a comfortable day, it could be a great idea to reduced the windows to cool your cabin instead. By difficult to these tips, you’ll have the ability to enjoy a considerably improved fuel economic situation to keep you going because that miles.



In stimulate to do it much easier for girlfriend to keep your tires to fill up, the Nissan Altima additionally comes standard through a Tire push Monitoring System. This function can measure up the push in every individual tire, do it basic to store up v your pressure.

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When you need to fill her tires up, you’ll have the assist of the Easy-Fill tires Alert, which cautions you as soon as you’ve reached the target air press for your tire. Due to the fact that this system also has an individual tire pressure display, it will certainly be basic to understand which tire needs to it is in refilled.