Which that the following statements is INCORRECT? a) a microgram is smaller than a milligram b) a kilometre is larger than a meter c) a decimeter is smaller than a centimeter d) a nanometer is smaller sized than a meter e) a nanogram is smaller sized than a microgram How countless micrometers are in 3.4 times 10^-9 m? a) 3.4 time 10^-3 mu m b) 3.4 time 10^3 mu m c) c) 3.4 times 10^6 mu m d) 3.4 time 106^-6 mu m e) no one of the above Which the the following statements is correct? a) 1 mole that neon weights 20.18 g b) 1 mole of neon has actually the same variety of atoms as 1 mole the copper c) One mole is the number of atoms whose weight is the atomic weight d) 20.18 g the neon has the same number of atoms as 63.55 g the copper e) every one of the over What is the almost right molar massive of (NH_4)_3PO_3? a) 97 amu b) 101 amu c) 121 amu d) 133 amu e) 149 amu What is the mass of 2.00 moles of Ca(OH)_2? a) 74.1 g b) 56 g c) 122.5 g) 222.4g e) 148.2 g

1. How countless moles of that atoms room in 6.46g the He? 2. How countless grams that Zn room in 0.356 mole of Zn? 3. How many atoms are there in 16.3 g that S? 4. Calculation the molar fixed of the adhering to compounds: (a) CO2 and (b) caffeine (CeHoN402 5. How numerous moles the CHa are existing in 6.07 g the CH?
1)How countless Se atoms room there in a 93.2 gram sample that Se ?

2)How countless grams the Cr are there in a sample that Cr that has 3.93×1023atoms?

3)A sample that Na weighs 36.0 grams. Will a sample the Ge that has the same variety of atoms weigh an ext or less than 36.0 grams? (more, less): calculation the mass of a sample the Ge that includes the same variety of atoms. Grams of Ge


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How plenty of GRAMS of zinc nitrate are existing in 4.29 mole of this compound ? grams. 2. How many MOLES the zinc nitrate are present in 1.69 grams of this link ? moles. 5)1. How countless MOLES the carbon tetrafluoride are existing in 4.90 grams the this link ? moles. 2. How countless GRAMS that carbon tetrafluoride are present in 1.36 mole of this compound ? grams

6)1. How numerous GRAMS of phosphorus are current in 2.80 moles of phosphorus triiodide ? grams. 2.

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How numerous MOLES that iodine are current in 4.92 grams of phosphorus triiodide ? moles.


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