WASHINGTON (bsci-ch.orgNS) --

Below are present coronavirus disease 2019 statistics because that Department of Air pressure personnel:

Dec. 3, 2021Current as of 8 a.m.:

Dbsci-ch.org total STATS*
Military 45,046 21 44,426 6
Civilian 14,122 21 13,725 99
Dependents 12,678 5 12,417 8
Contractors 4,163 7 4,055 29
Total 76,009 54 74,623 142

*These number include every one of the instances that to be reported because our last upgrade on Nov. 23.

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Dbsci-ch.org complete VACCINATED*
% partly Vaccinated 0.4% 0.8%
% fully Vaccinated 96.9% 94.5%
# Unvaccinated 7,550 18,573
- # not Started 1,688 4,782
- # Refused 1,108 3,233
- # religious in Progress 4,754 10,558

Dbsci-ch.org approved EXEMPTIONS**
Medical 1,133 2,323
Administrative 184 2,515
Religious Accommodation 0 0

*Civilian statistics room unaccounted for.**These numbers are subject to change.

Unvaccinated:All those who have verbally refused, have not began the vaccination process or are erroneously coded.Does not include those who have approved exemptions.

Medical:Medical exemptions are identified individually by the member’s medical provider.

Administrative:Administrative exemptions are determined individually. For example, if a member acquired a commander-approved submission for separation or retirement by Nov. 1, they room administratively exempt.

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Religious Accommodation:Religious accommodations space a subset of administrative exemptions and are established by the MAJCOM/FLDCOM commanders. The Dbsci-ch.org has actually 30 company days (active component in CONUS) to procedure requests. Appeals are determined by the Dbsci-ch.org’s Surgeon general with inputs indigenous the chaplain and also stbsci-ch.orgf referee advocate. People do not have to acquire immunized as lengthy as their request is in the process of being decided.

Personnel Numbers:

approximately 326,000 energetic Component (U.S. Waiting Force and also U.S. Room Force) approximately 501,000 full Force (Active Duty, Air national Guard and also Air pressure Reserve) COVID update COVID-19 numbers metrics statistics