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Mother Nature did not have actually OCD.  If she did, there would be more symmetry in the world.  It would certainly be a nice boring place, but, at least all ours vegetables would certainly be the same size, which brings me come this point:  How much is in a head that cauliflower?  The many frustrating thing about most cauliflower recipes is their lack of specificity regarding precisely just how much cauliflower come purchase.  Generic measurements for volume (2 cups-, 4 cups-florets) or a pass out product summary (1 big head, 2 tool heads), space meaningless come the mean cooker-of-cauliflower, and, room the biggest reasons of recipe fail -- stop recipe failure, usage a scale.  

Weight (1, 2-pound head, 1 lb florets) is the just measurement precious a damn.

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Measuring cauliflower requires a scale, both in the grocery store store once purchasing this vegetable, and, in the kitchen when cooking it.  For mine demonstration, ns bought two tool heads the cauliflower.  Untrimmed, the one ~ above the left weighed 2 pounds, 15 ounces, and, the one ~ above the appropriate weighed 2 pounds, 2 ounces.  After trimming, right here is how it every weighed out:

A common untrimmed, tool head weighs about 2 pounds.

After trimming & remove florets wherein each meets the core...

... A 1-quart measure up full-to-the-top (6 cups) florets...

... Or, approximately speaking, between 1-1 1/4 pounds florets.

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Chopped florets from 1, 2-pound head = 4 generous cups.

Don't play, weigh the cauliflower very first -- in ~ the store! 

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