Recent examples on the internet In 2012, Caleb Lynn to be diagnosed with phase three rhabdomyosarcoma — a cancer in the skeletal muscle — and also three days prior to his dad’s very first game as Cedar Hill’s head coach in 2017, Caleb underwent an ext than 16 hours of surgery to remove a tumor. — Greg Riddle, Dallas News, 13 Jan. 2021 The extra initiative paid off for Rachel Pitts, whose 2-year-old daughter, Jenna Dzharoyan, was being treated for complications that rhabdomyosarcoma over Christmas. — Los Angeles Times, 25 Dec. 2020 doctors told the family Chloe had actually alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare cancer that creates in the soft organization of skeleton muscle, or in organs such together the bladder or uterus. — Jason Duaine Hahn,, 18 Dec. 2019 Weston Newsanger, of Pennsylvania, was treated at penn State children’s Hospital because that rhabdomyosarcoma after his diagnosis in 2016. — Fox News, 5 Oct. 2019 more than 70 percent of kids diagnosed through rhabdomyosarcoma that has not spread have long-term survival, according to St. Jude. — Fox News, 5 Oct. 2019 Garrett of van Meter, a city of about a thousand human being 20 miles west the Des Moines, was very first diagnosed with alveolar blend negative rhabdomyosarcoma in September. — Makayla Tendall, ajc, 13 July 2018 over there are about 350 new cases the rhabdomyosarcoma in the country each year, follow to the American Cancer Society. — Cydney Henderson, azcentral, 27 Mar. 2018 The Woods put the native out about Finn Shafran, who has a rarely cancer dubbed rhabdomyosarcoma. — Natalie Dreier, ajc, 16 Mar. 2018

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borrowed from German Rhabdomyosarkom, native rhabdo- rhabdo- + myo- myo- + Sarkom sarcoma

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The first known use of rhabdomyosarcoma remained in 1887

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