Gabriel Swaggart Bio, Wiki

Gabriel Swaggart (Pastor Gabe) is an American associate pastor and TV actor. He master the weekly Sonlife broadcasting Network show Generation of the Cross. Moreover, Gabriel is an associate pastor of the family members Worship Center and also president the Jimmy Swaggart bible College. Jimmy Swaggart ns was created by Gabriel’s grandparents, Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart and also Frances Swaggart. Gabriel’s television ministry has Generation the the Cross. The is a one-hour routine meant to fulfill the everyday difficulties that Christians face by giving Bible-based answers. Previously, Gabriel was the Youth minister at family Worship facility in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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Additionally, Gabriel hosts the life Waters, a highlight of the music of Jimmy Swaggart and also other vocalists and musicians in the ministry. He top up the Crossfire youth group, organizes and leads the global Youth Conference held annually in July in ~ the family members Worship Center. Additionally, Gabriel has been in the Ministry due to the fact that 2002 through a range of obligations that revolved about the whole operations at JSM.

Gabriel Swaggart Age

He to be born on September 19, 2019, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the United States. Therefore, Gabriel 40 years old. 

Gabriel Swaggart height

He is a guy of median stature. Gabriel stands at a elevation of 5 ft 6 in. (Approx. 1.6 m).

Gabriel’s photo

Gabriel Swaggart household | Mother

He was born come his mommy Debbie Swaggart and father Donnie Swaggart in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the joined States. Moreover, Gabriel has actually two brother a brothers Matthew and a sister Jennifer. In addition, he has an American nationality and also belongs come white ethnicity. His brothers Matthew is a gifted Photographer, tv graphics artist, and his sister, Jennifer, is a passionate teacher.

Gabriel Swaggart Wife

Gabriel married his mam Jill Swaggart ~ above December 4, 2004. Moreover, the pair has 3 daughters, Samantha Gabrielle, Abby Jill, and also Caroline Frances. The family members lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, joined States.

Gabriel Swaggart Wedding

Gabriel and Jill exchanged your wedding vow on December 4, 2004. They an initial met in college and also dated because that a few years prior to their wedding. Gabriel and also Jill had actually a substantial wedding ceremony whereby their household members and friends attended.

Since 2002, he has actually been serving in the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. Moreover, Gabriel came into the limelight due to the fact that of his different working style as a pastor. Swaggart television ministry has a one-hour program named Generation of the Cross. The TV present gives Bible-based answers come the daily obstacles faced by Christian. Also, he has been contributing together the host of living Waters which is mainly concentrated on highlighting Jimmy Swaggart’s music. Gabriel is additionally interested in the music of other vocalists and also musicians linked with the ministry. In addition, the has noted his decades of organization to Crossfire Youth Ministries as a pastor.

Additionally, that ministers the televised platform of family Worship center alongside his father and grandfather. Gabriel has actually traveled come several places with his family, other musicians, and singers from family Worship center to minister the gospel. Moreover, his energetic, appealing, and passionate preaching format earned him vast respect from audience from all age groups.

Gabriel Swaggart network Worth

He earns revenue from his profession together a TV present Host. Over there is no doubt therefore, the has collected a decent fortune end the years. Gabriel’s approximated net worth is $1 Million.

Who Is Gabriel Swaggart

Gabriel is an American combine pastor and also TV actor. He hosts the weekly Sonlife broadcasting Network display Generation of the Cross. Moreover, that is one associate minister of the household Worship Center and also president of Jimmy Swaggart scriptures College.

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Who Is Gabriel Swaggart Married To

Gabriel married his mam Jill on December 4, 2004.