As any kind of Philadelphian knows, a hoagie by any kind of other name — sub, grinder, hero, zeppelin, or bad boy — no a hoagie.But, just like most things that room off-the-chart delicious, hoagies aren’t the healthiest points on the menu. In fact, a standard Italian hoagie has actually roughly:

700 calories50g the fat2500mg of sodium52g of carbs42g of protein

Upon closer inspection, that clear the the cold cut (deli meat) space at the heart of the problem — according to the FDA’s 2,000-calorie diet nutrition guidelines, cold cuts make a hoagie totally unhealthy.

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Fat (g)

Carbs (g) Visit

Proteins (g)

Sodium (mg)

8-inch hoagie roll2004508230
Boiled ham (3 slices)60109590
Capicola (3 slices)1207.51.512810
Provolone cheese (3 slices)120907.5285
Genoa salami (3 slices)1301016500
Shredded lettuce (1/2 cup)30103
Tomato (4 slices)140314
Onion (1/4 cup)00000
Dry hoagie64731.556.543.52,422
Olive oil (1T)1251400

So, in ~ the hazard of having actually my Philadelphia citizenship revoked, I have actually objectively tried to find a method to healthy-up a hoagie while maintaining its spiritual hoagie-ness.

Option A: go Veggie

Probably the quickest and also easiest way tune up your hoagie is to pass on the deli meats altogether. Pack up ~ above tomatoes, peppers, spinach, lite cheese, pickles, oil, and also spices. Top it off through a dash (or two) the oil and also vinegar, and, over there you have actually it: a heathier hoagie.

Option B: Eat half a Hoagie

It’s possible that who (someone most likely not indigenous Philly) might stop eating a hoagie half way v and, in theory, reduce/improve the nutritional content by half. If this alternative seems too hard to carry out alone, think about going halfsies v a friend.

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Option C: pick Healthier Hoagie Ingredients

With the wide selection of multigrain rolls, short fat condiments, and low-fat/low-salt deli options available for most of the ingredients detailed above, you can swap the full fat/salt execution for your “lighter” counterparts. Right here are some options:

Whole wheat hoagie rolls have 1/3 under calories, carbs, fat, and also protein.Extra veggies and also peppers can add moisture to a dried (condiment-free) hoagie.Lite cook ham has actually 25 percent much less sodium.Low salt salami has fifty percent the sodium; short fat salami has half the fat.Low fat provolone has 50 percent less sodium and also calories.

Option D: Eat under Hoagies

This alternative is for those who refuse come sacrifice flavor for nutrition. If this is you, take into consideration counteracting the nutritional impact of your next hoagie by:

Drinking many of waterExercising for an hour (a cardio exercise burns approximately 700 calories and 37 grams that fat)

Whichever hoagie alternative you choose, be certain to enjoy and savor every bite. Might I suggest having actually one through a side of Eagles highlights?