Not in the sense that I prefer to style studies and also collect data. Simply in the feeling that I choose to look in ~ charts and graphs and timelines and also other visuals.

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Call the “data-nerd-light.”

I started wearing a FitBit fee HR last February, soon after I began running as a regular type of exercise.

At first, that was valuable for maintaining track of my exercise. Having actually information about my sleep patterns and also steps was simply fun info to use to difficulty myself.

Then, in early on May 2016, I got pregnant.

Over the food of mine pregnancy, I consistently wore mine FitBit and also amassed loads of amazing data around how my body readjusted and responded in different way to practice over the food of my pregnancy.

The FitBit charge HR will certainly monitor your heart rate and also calories burned, and also your variety of steps, floors climbed, and miles traveled. Then, that spits out every one of this data into usable and also easy-to-read charts. (UPDATE: My fee HR started separating approximately the display and also I had to replace it after ~ 16 month of use. I newly upgraded to the fee HR 2. It’s just $20 an ext and much an ext durable. The bands room replaceable too, therefore the same difficulty can’t take place on this model.)

I started this pregnant at 147 pounds (at 5′ 7.5″) and also my ending weight was 192 pounds, which is a 45-pound load gain. Mine pre-pregnancy condition was fairly good. Ns was running about two miles in the morning every day and also lifting weights once or twice per week. Ns was preserving my weight. Ns had great energy. I could climb number of flights that stairs without gaining winded.

So what walk pregnancy do to a healthy and balanced body? Let’s take it a look.

Resting love Rate

My pre-pregnancy resting heart rate was about 56 beats per minute, a sign of a reasonably athletic lifestyle. You can see mine heart price climb steeply in the second trimester as soon as I have my an initial major growth spurt, and also then again in the last trimester throughout the last month of growth. Both time durations correspond to rise in blood volume in my body.

Fun fact: at the finish of pregnancy, a woman’s blood volume rises 40-50% throughout pregnancy.

Weight Gained

I placed on most of mine weight during the 2nd and 3rd trimester development spurts, and also just a few pounds got in the first trimester. This is a healthy weight obtain curve, although, I assure you, it didn’t feel healthy at the time. Ns remember that I retained thinking, No! four pounds in a week! This baby is walk to it is in twelve pounds by the end of this!

Daily calorie Burned: Pre-Pregnancy



On the left is a typical day of exercise on a pre-pregnancy day, which contains a two-mile operation in the morning and regular motion at work.

On the ideal is a day the I’m proud of: the job that i ran 6 miles approximately the national Mall in Washington D.C. Had in this number are the other calories that I burned throughout the day, simply by existing. View the number of calories burned? keep that in mind as I display you how many calories throughout the late third trimester.

Daily calorie Burned: first Trimester

In my first trimester, I ongoing to run whenever i felt fine enough. (Weeks 7-11 were Nausea City, therefore I minimal my exercise to walks throughout this time.) but I took it easy. I didn’t practice in the optimal heart rate zone if ns could aid it. Ns monitored my run pretty carefully so I stayed in the reduced heart price zones.

Daily calories Burned: Second Trimester

I ongoing to run in the 2nd trimester. In the early 2nd trimester, ns incorporated much more indoor aerobic exercise since it to be so damn hot external in late July to August. In this screenshot, you watch the finish of October, as soon as I was 24 main pregnant, appropriate at the finish of my second trimester development spurt.

The important distinction is my resting heart rate, which has jumped come 70 beats per minute. Due to the fact that of that elevated relaxing heart rate at this point, ns was much more likely to reach a fat-burning heart price for daily activities, past the time once I was intentionally exercising.

Daily calories Burned: Early third Trimester

I continued to incorporate to run in my exercise all the means to 32 mainly of pregnancy, but over time, i slowly diminished my to run in favor of walking. By 33 mainly of pregnancy, ns was excellent running. This screenshot is indigenous Week 30. It’s no terribly different from my second trimester stats. Notice that my resting heart rate proceeds to rise.

Daily calories Burned: Mid-Third Trimester

This is as soon as pregnancy i do not care an outright check of endurance. This screenshot is native Week 36 (which, because that my 41.5-week pregnancy, was mid-third trimester). Top top this day, ns walked for 30 minutes. And also I existed. End of story.

I mean, it’s the job after Christmas, for goodness sake. What might I possibly have actually done? I’m certain I was doing things prefer eating my fifth sugar cookie and also picking increase bits that wrapping document and rogue pine needles. Together with a rousing video game of “Ketchup or Mustard?” with our three-year-old. (What? You’ve never ever heard of the game? You simply ask the human being if they want ketchup or mustard over and also over and also over again. That’s it. Fun, huh?)

So that’s why pregnant females say, “God, I’m for this reason tired” at the end of the day. Not only are lock carrying around a most extra weight, yet their resting heart rates are elevated, leading to them to be burning loads of calories for hours.

But wait. It gets harder.

Daily calories Burned: Late-Third Trimester

Okay. So right here I was at 5 days past my early out date. In ~ this point, i was no hope to get this kid out that me. For this reason I decided to walk for two thirty-minute walks, which you can plainly see ~ above the graph. My pace was much, much slower 보다 normal because my hips to be so gelatinous and also my gait was off. However pace isn’t important. It’s getting the heart price up there that counts.

With just 2 thirty-minute walks and also existing for 24 hours, I melted as numerous calories together I did once I ran 6 miles and existed for 24 hours. Courtesy of an elevated resting heart price and additional body weight.

In addition, my body’s center of gravity was off, that was an overwhelming to move, and I had actually an assortment of new aches and also pains to resolve just to gain through the job (and night).

What were your calories burned on the day you gave birth?

So happy you asked.

Now, I recognize what you’re thinking. That peak heart price must have happened throughout my advertise phase.


That was when I started hemorrhaging after the birth. Obviously, this wasn’t component of the plan and also it isn’t a typical part of the birthing process for most women (thank God). Only about 4% of women will suffer a postpartum hemorrhage. (The many likely cause of mine PPH was an “overdistended uterus” due to my baby being over 8.8 pounds.)

As a result, mine heart rate soared in the peak heart price zone for close come an hour. As blood poured the end of me, my love pumped lots of new blood to the affected tissues and organs. Every one of this placed my body into metabolic overload and it was the key reason i ate choose a crazy human for the very first five work post-birth.

Most of mine labor increased my love rate right into a low fat-burning zone rate, so it was still necessary that ns ate and also drank during labor. This is what ns will never ever understand around typical hospital policies about labor. Is it yes, really worth it come deny females the right to eat throughout labor simply due to the fact that of the minuscule opportunity that 1) she’ll have a C-section and 2) during that C-section she aspirates?

Labor burns a many calories. And if you’re minimal to clean fluids, you’re pretty lot relying top top the sugar in Sierra Mist to traction you through. Ns think that if you have the advice to eat, you have to be permitted to eat. The hazard of eating harming a woman in labor is just much too small.

I mean, really… as soon as you space awake because that days and laboring because that hours and hours, friend burn a most calories.

So there you have it. An inside look at one part of what a mrs goes through when she dead a child and also gives birth. That is a check of strength and also endurance merely to carry a boy to term and give birth.

The fact that women give birth for this reason often could make the process seem ordinary, yet it is important an extraordinary feat for both mother and also child to come the end on the other side, whole and alive.

Hey, what is sleep favor after having a baby? proceed on to the following post.

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