I"m working on a firewall and also I would like to know exactly how to calculate how numerous bytes there"re in a packet or at least have actually an idea what the averages are.When i googled it, 1500 bytes was mentioned a lot however it appears to rely on the document size and the protocol.1500 bytes, is the for tcp ? What around icmp ?Out that curiosity: what"s the max size ?


One method to understand the packet dimension using iptables is to usage -j log target. You can use this to log specific packets. In the device log file, you have the right to see log documents like:

IN= OUT= SRC= DST= LEN=1400This packet is 1400-byte long. The max packet size is determined by the basic protocol. The number 1500 have the right to be associated with Ethernet frames.

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The dimension changes because some machines have actually custom settings which change the MTU:


The max size of the data framework is normally 1500, bytes, yet Jumbo Frames extend that allocation:


Here space the complete specs:



Run wireshark or ntop and evaluate the statistics. Either will display you a circulation of packet length throughout a period.

1500 bytes is the default MTU for numerous Ethernet devices. What


If friend look in ~ it completely at the network perspective, climate you don"t have to calculate the packet size since it is included in the IPv4 header in ~ the little bit offset the 19–31.


Length This 16-bit field defines the whole datagram size, including header and data, in bytes. The minimum-length datagram is 20 bytes (20-byte header + 0 bytes data) and also the best is 65,535 bytes — the maximum worth of a 16-bit word. The biggest datagram that any type of host is compelled to have the ability to handle is 576 bytes.

So if you desire to collect sizes the packets, you straightforward need device that collection the IPv4 packet headers and also stores them.

On really common tool is tcpdump/wireshark. Set it increase a record for a duration of time. Then load up the capture in wireshark. Over there is an analysis tool built-in that will provide you the statistics and also information ~ above packet sizes.

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There are also monitoring tools like nTop which friend might be able to install on your firewall. This tool would collection statistics in real-time.