I’m sure most people have the general idea right. One ring is one cartridge or one shotgun shell. However, the hatchet is frequently mixed up through the ax “bullet.”

So, in this article, we will cover the pure most an easy parts that ammunition. In law so, you will recognize what specifically a round is, and how the is various from a bullet.

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Handgun and Rifle Ammo Components

When looking in ~ a handgun or rifle round, they are really pretty similar. These rounds are composed the a bullet, which is situated inside a casing, which is filled with a propellant.

The bullet is the “front” of the round. It is the actual projectile that will certainly fly v the air. It is likewise the part that will get in the target, whatever that may be.

This bullet is crimped right into the casing, i beg your pardon is the larger brass component that provides up a great portion of the round. This casing will be ejected native the weapon ~ the create is pulled.

The casing has a inside wall on the really back the it. As soon as you traction the trigger, the firing pin in the weapon will strike the primer. The primer has a really sensitive igniter in it, which will light the propellant.

The propellant is situated inside the casing. The is never ever seen through the common shooter due to the fact that it is had within the casing and is completely consumed ~ firing.

After the primer is struck, the igniter lights the propellant. The propellant, or gunpowder, burns rapidly, which creates gas pressure. This gas press is what in reality fires the cartridge downrange.

All of this components added together are referred to as a cartridge. One “round” the ammunition is simply one cartridge.

Shotgun Ammunition


Shotgun ammunition is slightly different. Instead of having a brass casing, shotgun shells have actually a plastic hull. This plastic hulls room crimped in ~ the end opposite the primer.

Instead that one bullet, shotgun shells have actually “shot” in them.

Shot describes the pellets that are situated within the hull.

Shotguns traditionally fire many pellets, as opposed to just one bullet.

The shot is actually inside of the hull, as opposed come rifle ammo, whereby you can see the projectile.

Shotgun shells additionally have what is referred to as a “wad.” The wad is located in between the powder and also the shot. Its function is to defend the shot and trap the gas behind the shot, which enables the covering to work.

Other than these terminologies, shotgun shells work-related very similar to handgun and also rifle ammunition. They have actually a primer, i m sorry ignites the powder and also propels the shoot downrange.

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As you have the right to see, ammunition is quite simple. One “round” simply way one cartridge or one shotgun shell. The really the simple.

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Ammunition can acquire a little confusing, but understanding the basics will offer you a much better grip top top ammunition together a whole.