seems choose ive heard 500bf per cord. I was law the mathematics this past loss on what price you obtain per MBF if you market a cord that firewood because that $120. I come up through $240 every MBF. I was trying to number out in ~ what price in ~ the mill I should quit marketing the logs for timber and keep them because that firewood. For the lowest grade hardwood ns was obtaining $200MBF. I decided to store taking huge logs (>25" diameter on tiny end) to the mill but keep the smaller logs for firewood. At some allude the man-handling of big pieces to separation them wasnt precious the extra $40 every thousand.

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It"s going to count on what scale you use, and also the dimension of the log"s.The mill I provided to offer to used the Scribner decimal C scale. I gained curious once and scaled a load I was hauling for firewood (real time consuming). I can"t psychic exactly, but I think that was approximately 1300 bd ft on the load. The guy at the wood yard to be interested in what i was doing, therefore he cut, separation & stacked that pack to assist me number it out. The stacked out to simply under 2 1/2 cord"s. That was tiny wood, naught over around 10 or 12 customs in diameter. I think the outcomes would change with bigger wood.Andy
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The cord ns did, to be a hard block of wood, the 4x8x48 cord, wood break-up is a huge difference.That was exciting of what 1300 bd ft stacked up to.
The exactly answer is 1536 bf.1 BF = 12" X 12" X 1" thick 1 cubic foot = 12 bf12 bf X 128 cubic ft = 1536 bf
The correct answer is 1536 bf.1 BF = 12" X 12" X 1" thick 1 cubic foot = 12 bf12 bf X 128 cubic ft = 1536 bf
this assumes the there is NO waiting in the stack. In other words, a solid item that is 128 cubic feet. In the real world you wont obtain this. Ns think the fill that to be 1300 bf and cut to 2 1/2 is alot closer.
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The cord ns did, to be a hard block the wood, the 4x8x48 cord, wood split is a large difference.That was amazing of what 1300 bd ft stack up to.

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I great I could find the scrap document I composed all that down on so us wern"t depending totally on my memory from 2 or 3 year ago, yet those figures are pretty close. I execute remember the was nearly 2 1/2 cords. Ns was walk for numbers that would occupational in my small world. Not too numerous 4x4x8" blocks of hardwood in new Mexico.
The reason I asking this question
We"re in the sector to purchase firewood logs, noþeles 8" to 24". I have two lumber buyers that are always coming accross land owner that will sell their tops,undesireable witnessed logs, and dead ash trees. These lumber buyers measure up everyting in bft, ns buy firewood logs through the Pulp cord (128 cft). We"re trying to involved a happy tool on price every Cord/bft. I discovered a wood conversion calculator and it states 1536 bft every cord, ive talked to various other loggers that say approx 500 bd ft per cord, huge difference as soon as your top top the buying end and their make the efforts to offer it through the bd ft or mbd ft. Instance A.Timber the person who lives Tom has actually 12,700 measured brd ft of dead ash in the woods he"d choose to sell me, in ~ 1536 bft per cord it is 8.26 pulp cord. If we use 500 bft every cord we get 25.4 pulp cord. Big big distinction when I"m paying by the pulp cord. So it is my dilema gents we"re just trying to figure out a victory win because that both of us. Any type of suggestion would be helpful... Thanks...Lee