Enter the variety of bricks or blocks listed below to calculation how plenty of bags the mortar will be needed, or how much materials will be essential to mix on-site.

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How to calculation Mortar because that Block Projects

Follow 3 easy actions to estimate the amount of mortar mix required for her concrete block project.

Step One: calculation Square Footage

Estimate the square clip of the wall surface by measure the width and also height in feet. Then, multiply the width and height to find the square footage. Try calculating square footage making use of a calculator if you’re not comfortable doing the by hand.

Step Two: calculate the variety of Blocks

Next, calculation the variety of blocks required for the task by the variety of blocks per square foot. You’ll need roughly 1 1/8 typical blocks per square foot, so multiply the square footage by 1.125 to calculation the total needed. You can also use our block calculator come calculate various other block sizes.

Step Three: estimate Mortar

The last step will be to uncover the productivity of the mortar you’re using and divide the total variety of blocks through the yield. The common 80-pound bag the mortar will yield 12 block so you have the right to calculate by splitting the square footage by 12.

Coverage for mortar mixes and also various quantities of blocks.Block Quantity60 lb Bags80 lb Bags
100 blocks12 bags9 bags
200 blocks23 bags17 bags
300 blocks34 bags25 bags

How to estimate Mortar for Brick Projects

The same three steps over can be offered to estimate mortar because that brick projects.

Step One: calculation Square Footage

Start by estimating the square clip of the brick wall surface by multiplying the broad by the height together.

Step Two: calculate the variety of Bricks

Then, calculate the number of bricks by multiplying the square footage by the number of bricks per square feet. Ours brick calculator can assist with this. You’ll need around 6.9 modular bricks per square foot, so main point 6.9 times the square clip to discover the number of bricks needed.

Step Three: calculation Mortar

Finally, calculation the mortar necessary by dividing the total variety of bricks by the yield of the mix used. On median a mortar mix will certainly yield 36 bricks every 80-pound bag, so divide the total variety of bricks by 36 to calculate the bags needed.

Coverage for mortar mixes and also various quantities of bricks.Brick Quantity60 lb Bags80 lb Bags
500 bricks19 bags14 bags
1,000 bricks38 bags28 bags
1,500 bricks56 bags42 bags

Types that Mortar

Whether you’re utilizing a pre-mixed mortar or mixing on-site, it’s crucial to understand the various species there are and which is proper for her project. Cement to sand ratio ranges from 1 component cement to 3 come 4.5 parts sand, relying on the type of mortar gift mixed and the compressive stamin desired.

Most mixes likewise require the use of lime in assorted proportions together a binding agent, to boost the longevity that the perfect product, and to increase the workability the the mix.

Type O

used in over ground applications that are not load-bearing, usually for internal applications, and also has a compressive strength of 350psi.

Type N

used in above ground applications that assistance light loads, typically for chimneys or brick-work, and has a compressive strength of 750psi.

Type S

used in below ground applications for load bearing applications, commonly for foundations and also retaining walls, and has a compressive strength of 1,800psi.

Type M

used in listed below ground applications because that heavier load bearing applications, generally for foundations to assistance , and has a compressive toughness of 2,500psi.

This table shows the encourage mix proportions and also compressive toughness for various varieties of mortar.

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Mortar TypeCement : Lime : Sand RatioCompressive Strength
Type O1:2:9350 psi
Type N1:1:6750 psi
Type S2:1:91,800 psi
Type M3:1:122,500 psi

Try our various other gravel calculator to estimate the amount of sand necessary for her mix.