I to be planning an electrical home brewery. I have actually a 240 v outlet planned, if I run a 5500 watt element and a pump can it all be ~ above a 30 amp breaker? i don't think I can I operation a 5500 watt and also a 1600 watt facet at the exact same time, can I?

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Full power that is 23 amps. Pumps must be approximately an amp. Remainder of the panel shouldn’t be much depending on what girlfriend do.No, girlfriend wouldn’t be able to run both. The smaller sized burner is walking to be 120, for this reason just have it be powered by an additional circuit. Through a 50a you might run both, however your two hot legs would be out of balance (1600w element is 120 and only top top one warm leg). This is poor news together it could cause over heating.
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but the 240 v, 30 amp breaker might run the 5500 watt element along with the manage box v a PID in it and pump i do not know it?
however the 240 v, 30 amp breaker might run the 5500 watt element along with the control box through a PID in it and also pump i do not know it?

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First, make certain the breaker you choose is GFCI or usage a different GFCI because that protection.Then, carry out some math. Watts = Amps x Volts ... So ... Amps = watt / VoltsBuild in a 15-20% safety factor on the breaker (local code often requires this).You're more than likely really obtaining closer to 220 volts 보다 240 volts from her utility.So, 5500 watt / 220 volts X 0.80 = 20 amps. If you have a 30-amp breaker, friend should have actually plenty the amps to take care of the element, linked electronics (which frequently only draw a few hundred milliamps), and also probably a couple March or Chugger pumps, too. Adding that second 1650-watt element would placed you at 26 amps - quiet under 30, however closer than I'd treatment to it is in if running other accessories (pumps. Etc.). If you want to operation two elements at the same time, you're probably better advised to use a enlarge breaker. I have actually a 15-gallon 3-vessel device with a 5500-watt facet in the HLT and also another 5500-watt in the BK. The system additionally has 2 Chugger pumps. I operation both elements at the exact same time for back-to-back batches and/or to warm up cleaning equipment while boiling. I have a 50-amp GFCI breaker for the totality system with both pumps running, the HLT facet at 100% and the BK facet at 80%. Both elements at 100% would be 11,000 watts / 220 volts X 0.80 = 40 amps. So, that leaves an additional 8 amps in ~ 220 volts come spare for the 120-volt pumps and also electronics.Also, don't overlook the you'll need heavier-gauge cable to handle the greater amperage. I bit the bullet and had a license is granted electrician download the breaker and run the heavier-gauge cable come the 220/240-volt outlet.Be safe and also have fun.Brew on!