Get the complete Texas experience by taking a road trip from Houston to Dallas. The quickest route north takes just over 3.5 hrs on interstate 45, although there space other alternatives that are partly on highways. We’ve mapped a route that take away you off the federal government if you have actually extra time to protect against at some landmarks and enjoy nature. You’ll be driving mainly through tiny towns with fun names like Angus and also Groesbeck, through plenty of opportunities to stop and also explore or get something to eat.

Tips for a One-way Road pilgrimage from Houston to Dallas

Getting native Houston come Dallas takes part of a day, and also has interesting stops to offer in between. The is a good idea to leave early in the morning to beat the traffic and also enjoy her ride, particularly if you plan to avoid for some hiking or at one of our various other suggestions. If this is your an initial time control this route, it is a great idea come have gps to stop taking wrong turns, specifically if you leaving the interstate. 

Driving direction from Houston come Dallas

If you room flying into Houston, choose up your auto rental from George bush Intercontinental Airport, monitor the signs to federal government 45 and also continue driving till you with New Waverly. Here, you can gain off on the highway and explore Sam Houston National woodland just come the east if friend like. ~ this detour, you deserve to get ago on I-45 N until you reach the city of Buffalo and Highway 164 W. After a quick time you’ll with the city of Groesbeck and an amazing historic site. From below you can head north on Highway 14 and also you’ll meet ago up through I-45, i beg your pardon you have the right to follow every the means north come Dallas.

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5 stop to Make follow me the Way

Old city Spring, Spring, TX

The Old town Spring historic settlement in the charming town of feather is residence to cute boutiques, antique shops, and also several great restaurants. The art galleries are likewise worth a visit.

Sam Houston nationwide Forest

Take a nature rest on your drive to Houston and also stretch her legs in the Sam Houston nationwide Forest. Named for the very first president that the Republic of Texas and U.S. Senator, this woodland offers hiking and camping, and also swimming in one of the nearby bodies of water choose Lake Livingston.

Lake Livingston, ~ above the leaf of Sam Houston nationwide Forest

Old ft Parker, Groesbeck, TX

See what frontier life was like in the early on 1800s by visiting the Old ft Parker historic Site just exterior the little town of Groesbeck. View where the Parker family lived and learn about the raid ~ above the ft that took place in 1836.

Pearce Museum, Corsicana, TX

The Pearce Museum situated in Corsicana is an amazing place to see a celebration of artwork and also artifacts native the American West and learn around the civil War. 

Bluebonnet Park, Ennis, TX

Enjoy the vivid wildflower trails in this park in Ennis that bloom in the spring. A substantial bluebonnet festival is held each year when the flowers bloom, but you deserve to enjoy the park and adjacent Bardwell Lake any kind of time of the year.

Lay in the wildflowers at Bluebonnet Park in Ennis.

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If you need to get from Houston to Dallas by car, you deserve to do it in style and also comfort with a rental. You deserve to pick increase your car at our George shrub Airport location and also have easy access to I-45 N, which will take you come Dallas. Whether you need an economically sedan, a roomy SUV or a rugged pickup, our fleet can fulfill your needs and also get you on the roadway quickly.

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