Learning exactly how to solder w/ suitable soldering approaches is a an essential skill every machine should master. In this tutorial, we synopsis the basics of soldering irons, soldering stations, types of solder, desoldering and also safety tips. Even if it is you’re building a robot or working v Arduino, knowing how to solder will certainly come in handy.

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What Is Soldering?

If you to be to take it apart any kind of electronic device that consists of a circuit board, you’ll view the materials are attached using soldering techniques. Soldering is the procedure of joining 2 or an ext electronic components together by melting solder around the connection. Solder is a steel alloy and also when the cools it creates a strong electrical bond between the parts. Also though soldering can create a long-term connection, it can additionally be reversed using a desoldering tool as explained below.


Soldering Tools

The an excellent thing around learning just how to solder is the reality that girlfriend don’t require a lot to gain started. Listed below we’ll rundown the basic tools and also materials friend will require for most of her soldering projects.

Soldering Iron

A soldering stole is a hand tool that plugs into a conventional 120v AC outlet and heats increase in order to melt solder around electrical connections. This is one of the most important tools supplied in soldering and it have the right to come in a couple of variations such as pen or pistol form. Because that beginners, it’s recommended that you usage the pen format soldering iron in the 15W come 30W range. Many soldering irons have interchangeable tips that can be supplied for various soldering applications. Be really cautious once using any type of soldering iron because it can heat up to 896′ F which is incredibly hot.


Soldering Station

A soldering terminal is a more advanced variation of the an easy standalone soldering pen. If you room going to be doing a the majority of soldering, this are great to have actually as lock offer much more flexibility and control. The main advantage of a soldering terminal is the capacity to precisely change the temperature the the soldering steel which is an excellent for a selection of projects. This stations can additionally create a safer workspace as some include advanced temperature sensors, alarm settings and even password security for safety.



Soldering steel Tips

At the finish of many soldering irons is an interchangeable part known together a soldering tip. Over there are countless variations of this tip and they come in a wide selection of shapes and also sizes. Each tip is provided for a certain purpose and also offers a distinct benefit over another. The most common tips you will use in electronic devices projects are the conical tip and also the chisel tip.

Conical Tip – supplied in precision electronics soldering due to the fact that of the good tip. Because of its pointed end, it’s able to deliver heat come smaller locations without influence its surroundings.

Chisel Tip – This reminder is well-suited to soldering wires or other bigger components since of its wide flat tip.

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Brass or typical Sponge

Using a sponge will aid to store the soldering iron pointer clean by remove the oxidation the forms. Tips v oxidation will have tendency to turn black and not accept solder together it did when it to be new. You might use a standard wet sponge however this often tends to shorten the expectancy of the tip because of expansion and contraction. Also, a wet sponge will certainly drop the temperature of the guideline temporarily as soon as wiped. A better alternative is to usage a brass sponge as presented on the left.


Soldering steel Stand

A soldering iron stand is very basic but really useful and handy come have. This stand helps avoid the warm iron tip from coming in call with flammable materials or causing accidental injury to your hand. Most soldering station come with this developed in and additionally include a sponge or brass sponge for cleaning the tip.



Solder is a metal alloy product that is melted to create a permanent bond in between electrical parts. It comes in both lead and lead-free variations with diameters of .032″ and .062″ gift the most common. Inside the solder main point is a material well-known as flux which help improve electric contact and also its mechanical strength.

For electronics soldering, the most generally used type is lead-free rosin core solder. This type of solder is usually comprised of a Tin/Copper alloy. You can likewise use leaded 60/40 (60% tin, 40% lead) rosin core solder however it’s ending up being less popular due to health concerns. If you perform use command solder, make sure you have proper ventilation and also that girlfriend wash her hands after use.


When to buy solder, make sure NOT to use acid main point solder as this will damages your circuits and components. Mountain core solder is sold at home development stores and is mainly used because that plumbing and metal working.

As stated earlier, solder does come in a couple of different diameters. The thicker diameter solder (.062″) is an excellent for soldering bigger joints an ext quickly but it have the right to make soldering smaller sized joints difficult. For this reason, it’s constantly a an excellent idea to have both sizes on hand for your different projects.

Helping Hand (Third Hand)

A helping hand is a an equipment that has actually 2 or much more alligator clips and sometimes a magnifying glass/light attached. This clips will aid you by holding the item you space trying come solder if you usage the soldering iron and solder. A really helpful device to have actually in her makerspace.


Soldering Safety

Now that you recognize what tools and materials are required, it’s time come briefly discuss ways of staying safe if soldering.

Soldering irons can reach temperature of 800′ F for this reason it’s very important to understand where her iron is at all times. We always recommend you usage a soldering iron was standing to aid prevent accidental burns or damage.


Make certain you space soldering in a well ventilated area. Once solder is heated, there space fumes released that space harmful to your eyes and lungs. It’s encourage to use a fume extractor i beg your pardon is a fan through a charcoal filter that absorbs the harmful solder acting you have the right to visit website like incorporated Air systems for waiting filtration systems.

It’s always a an excellent idea to wear protective eye stay in case of inadvertently splashes of warm solder. Lastly, make sure to wash her hands when done soldering specifically if utilizing lead solder.

Tinning The Tip

Before you have the right to start soldering, you should prep your soldering steel by tinning the pointer with solder. This process will assist improve the heat transfer indigenous the iron to the item you’re soldering. Tinning will also aid to safeguard the tip and reduce wear.

Step 1: begin by making certain the pointer is attached come the iron and screwed strict in place.

Step 2: revolve on your soldering iron and also let it warm up. If you have a soldering station with an adjustable temp control, collection it come 400′ C/ 752′ F.

Step 3: Wipe the reminder of the soldering iron on a wet wet sponge to clean it. Wait a few seconds to let the tip heat up again prior to proceeding to action 4.

Step 4: host the soldering stole in one hand and also solder in the other. Touch the solder to the guideline of the iron and also make sure the solder operation evenly around the tip.


You have to tin the tip of your iron before and also after every soldering session to extend its life. Eventually, every guideline will wear out and also will need replacing once it becomes rough or pitted.

How to Solder

To much better explain exactly how to solder, we’re going to demonstrate it through a real people application. In this example, we’re going to solder an caused a circuit board.

Step 1: mountain The Component – begin by inserting the leads of the LED right into the feet of the circuit board. Upper and lower reversal the plank over and also bend the leads exterior at a 45′ angle. This will aid the component make a much better connection through the copper pad and prevent it from falling the end while soldering.


Step 2: heat The Joint – turn your soldering iron on and also if it has an flexible heat control, collection it come 400’C. In ~ this point, touch the tip of the iron to the copper pad and the resistor lead at the exact same time. You require to host the soldering iron in place for 3-4 secs in stimulate to warm the pad and the lead.


Step 3: use Solder to Joint – proceed holding the soldering steel on the copper pad and also the lead and touch your solder come the joint. IMPORTANT – Don’t touch the solder directly to the pointer of the iron. You desire the share to be hot sufficient to melt the solder as soon as it’s touched. If the joint is as well cold, that will type a poor connection.


Step 4: Snip The Leads – remove the soldering iron and also let the solder cool down naturally. Don’t punch on the solder together this will cause a negative joint. When cool, you can snip the extra wire from leads.

A proper solder share is smooth, shiny and also looks choose a volcano or cone shape. You desire just enough solder come cover the entire joint however not too lot so it i do not care a round or pour out to a nearby lead or joint.


How come Solder Wires

Now it’s time to show you exactly how to solder wires together. For this process, it’s encourage to usage helping hands or other kind of clamp device.

Begin by remove the insulation from the ends of both wires you space soldering together. If the cable is stranded, twist the strands together with your fingers.


Make certain your soldering stole is fully heated and touch the guideline to the end of one of the wires. Hold it top top the cable for 3-4 seconds.


Keep the steel in place and also touch the solder come the wire till it’s completely coated. Repeat this process on the other wire.


Hold the two tinned wires on top of each other and touch the soldering iron come both wires. This procedure should melt the solder and also coat both wires evenly.


Remove the soldering iron and wait a couple of seconds to let the soldered connection cool and harden. Use heat shrink come cover the connection.



The great thing around using solder is the fact that it deserve to be removed conveniently in a method known together desoldering. This come in handy if you need to remove a component or do a correction come your digital circuit.

To desolder a joint, girlfriend will need solder wick i beg your pardon is likewise known as desoldering braid.


Step 1 – location a item of the desoldering braid on height of the joint/solder you desire removed.

Step 2 – heat your soldering iron and also touch the pointer to the peak of the braid. This will heat the solder listed below which will then be took in into the desoldering braid. You deserve to now eliminate the braid to watch the solder has actually been extracted and removed. Be mindful touching the braid once you room heating it due to the fact that it will obtain hot.


Optional – If you have a lot of solder you want removed, you might want to use a maker called a solder sucker. This is a handheld mechanical vacuum that suck up hot solder v a push of a button.

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To use, push the plunger under at the finish of the solder sucker. Warmth the joint v your soldering iron and place the pointer of the solder sucker end the hot solder. Push the release button to suck increase the fluid solder. In stimulate to north the solder sucker, press down top top the plunger.