Awesome product. The very first time my order arrived the product was already expired, but re-shipped immediately and also I gained a non expired one. Also the expired one worked when I supplied it! ns passed the test clean the everything and also now ns ordered an ext of this! completely recommended.

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Omni Extra toughness Cleansing Caps occupational great. I take the every month and also pass random drug display screens for rap tests. Simply follow the directions, i can"t tension it any type of harder.
Omni Extra strength Cleansing Caps room the ideal by far. I have actually used this product in a pinch and it has never fail me!
I"ve take away the Omni Extra stamin caps end 5 times. They operated every time, for pot only! lock don"t give sufficient instructions, though. What I do is take 1 pill every fifty percent hour prior to my test with 2 bottles of water per pill, and also it works. That doesn"t work-related for anything however weed and you have to pee a lot! friend can"t eat noþeles the day of the check either.
I just want to say that Omni Cleansing Caps room miracles. I have taken them several times to happen probation tests and every time the works. Well over 10 times. Never ever failed me. I think when it did, but only since I exhilaration the night prior to I take it the test. Never ever before do poor stuff within prefer 24 to 48 hours of understanding you need to take the test and these pills will occupational for friend 100% that the time. Ns stock up on these. Especially for employment screening, ns don"t know what ns would carry out without these. Monitor the instructions and make a sacrifice of no doing negative things the night before and also you"ll it is in ok.
Plain and simple I adhered to all the instructions and also it did not work. Ns failed within two points. I have no one to blame yet my self. I dislike weed , I"m quitting for the remainder of mine life its much better that way, ns will never ever let this take place to me again.
I flushed my device with water and cranberry juice for 10 days, provided Omni Cleansing caps 24 hours before using a residence test and also tested negative.
Omni walk the job. Just take lock 4-5 hours prior to your test and drink 32-48 oz. That pure water. Climate urinate 2-3 times and then your an excellent for her urine screen up to 6 hours. I have actually passed v taking just about anything you have the right to think of. I have passed 7 tests so far, punch on wood. Ns did no eat any kind of food while experimentation with these gel-caps.
I took the Omni Extra toughness Cleansing Caps about 12:15 pm and also my test to be at 3:45 pm and I passed just drink many of water before and also after. Execute no eat until after the test. I promise girlfriend it works. Don"t usage anything else but Omni. Thanks omni her a lifesaver!
I"ve used the Omni Cleansing Softgel several times. I never ever had any problems through it. I generally take it 2 days before my drug screening.
I love Omni Extra stamin Cleansing Caps. I uncovered out the day before I had actually to take it a urine test the my urine was still trial and error positive for Marijuana. Ns was for this reason paranoid. I had my phone set for every hour top top the hour for this reason I can drink a bottle of water. I gained up about 6am and took Omni Extra stamin Cleansing Caps and my test was at 10am. Ns drank 48 ounces of water. By the moment I saw take the test i was all good. This product functions in a matter of hours. I would certainly recommend this come anyone who needs to take a urine drug test. I offer it an A+
Omni Softgel doesn"t work. I complied with the directions and also still tested hopeful for THC, and also I continued to be away indigenous pot because that 2 weeks prior.
Omni Cleansing Caps occupational great! I have actually used Puriclean and Omni Clean numerous times. I have actually taken 9 panel medicine tests and also passed them everytime. Just follow the directions and it works great!
I have used Omni Extra strength Cleansing Caps plenty of times and also passed every medicine test I"ve taken. I smoke pot, use tough drugs and also it takes care of it.
I"ve passed two drug tests with Omni Extra stamin Cleansing Caps. Just make sure to monitor the directions and keep hydrated.
I used this product similar to the instructions said. I drank gallons that water and also didn"t eat and I tho failed my drug test.
I had to take it a medicine test for a job . I"m a everyday user the pot, Adderall and Xanex. I was therefore worried. I never ever write reviews yet I had actually to due to the fact that this is how great this stuff is. Ns passed the test with no problem. I have actually used other stuff choose the drinks yet they are all gross. This product is not at all! say thanks to you Omni people. You conserved my financial fine being.

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I provided it 1 star since it was the lowest alternative possible. I drank water and cranberry juice for 3 days straight and on the 3rd day take it the pill together directed and I didn"t pass.
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