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The drive from Houston come Dallas takes around 3.5 come 4 hours. All on federal government 45, the a right shot between the 2 cities. Yet you’ll pass through a number of small towns, tremendous restaurants and iconic roadside attractions. Just since you’re travel on the same roadway for hours doesn’t median the roadway trip between Dallas and Houston has to be boring. This perform starts in Houston and ends in Dallas. Gain the journey by protecting against at this 8 need to stop spots between Houston and Dallas.

Old city Spring

Spring, Texas is situated just outside of Houston along I-45. The city is house to a charming to buy area described as Old town Spring. Right here you’ll find antique shops, cute boutiques and also a number of good restaurants and also art galleries. Depending on when you pass with Old city Spring, there room a variety of events and also festivals the regularly occur here. Even if you aren’t interested in shopping, Old town Spring is a good place come stop and also stretch your legs.

Sam Houston Statue

If you’re heading phibìc from Houston, you will do it come throughout this roadside attraction prior to you with the city of Huntsville. The huge statue that Sam Houston, that was the first President that Texas, deserves your attention. Return you could just pull right off that I-45, pick to departure the highway to take advantage of the restrooms and also picnic tables discovered here.


Is it even a Texas road expedition if girlfriend don’t protect against at Buc-ee’s? This Texas-based gas terminal chain has a variety of locations scattered throughout the state. However stop in ~ the one in Madisonville for part beaver nuggets and the cleanest restrooms in the state. Girlfriend can likewise a grab a variety of snack options that come from regional Texas vendors. Just keep one eye out for the Buc-ee’s sign, adorned through its beaver mascot, when you technique Madisonville.

Woody"s Smokehouse

Jerky renders for a an excellent road pilgrimage snack. Therefore stop in ~ Woody’s Smokehouse, well-known as the Jerky capital of the World, once you’re in Centerville, Texas. Woody’s Smokehouse specializes in cured and smoked meats. Find classic favorites choose beef jerky or shot something various like turkey jerky or cajun-style jerky. The shop likewise supplies other delicious snacks, prefer cheeses, fudge, pralines, preserves, sausages and pickled products.

Sam"s original Restaurant

If you’ve grown an appetite after ~ driving hours on I-45, prevent at Sam’s initial Restaurant because that an all-you-can-eat meal. Sam’s offers various home-cooked menu items every single day. Starting as beforehand as 10:30 a.m., you have the right to enjoy a huge meal in ~ this one-of-a-kind buffet. Buffet items do vary yet expect southern dishes such together chicken fried steak, barbecue, chicken and dumplings and also of course cobblers and pies. Take departure 197 off of I-45 to reap this classic Texas establishment.

Located in Fairfield, Cooper farms has been providing Texas peaches and also peach commodities to Texans and also passersby for years. During the summer season, Cooper farms has roadside locations, perfect for busy travelers. However Cooper Farms’ brick and mortar storefront place is open year round, for this reason you can enjoy a juicy peach or peach-flavored desserts no issue what time the year you traveling through Fairfield.

Collins Street Bakery has made a surname for itself amongst Texans. This bakery in Corsicana has grown together a must-stop spot follow me I-45. This family-owned bakery is well-known for that fruitcakes and also pecan pies. The recipes used to make these desserts were the exact same ones supplied when the bakery opened in 1896. Also, Collins Street Bakery is among the oldest mail order bakeries. Because of this you have the right to order a cake or pie to reap a taste the this Texas bakery even if you no in the area.

The last protect against on this list before you with Dallas is the town of Ennis. Ennis is residence of the main Texas Bluebonnet trace and likewise hosts a large bluebonnet festival every spring. The bluebonnet is the Texas state wildflower, and also it blooms every spring. Because of this if you’re traveling in the area during spring, don’t miss out ~ above a automobile tour that Ennis and also its vivid wildflower trails. Friend can also enjoy a guided tour. Visit the Ennis Visitor center to learn more about the Bluebonnet trails and also tours and other things to do in the town.

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