If your pipes works turn off of a septic mechanism or you’re simply curious about these types of things, then you may want to know: walk toilet paper dissolve?

Most toilet record brands room made to dissolve in the flushing procedure so the it doesn’t clog septic systems. Examine the label of your toilet record for the words ‘septic safe’ if you worried about your brand the toilet paper.

You have actually your rapid answer, however there’s some science behind it that you could want to know about it in stimulate to acquire the finest toilet file for your plumbing. Let’s dive into that below.

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Does Toilet paper Dissolve?


All toilet document will dissolve in the water eventually. However, some brands of record dissolve faster and also more totally than others.

If her home has its own septic system, it’s specifically important the you get toilet paper that dissolves well. This kind of record is usually labeled together being ‘septic safe’.

Septic safe toilet file can also be advantageous if you have actually an old plumbing system.

Now, let’s very first figure the end what it way for toilet record to it is in septic safe.

Septic safe Toilet Paper

Septic safe toilet paper is designated as septic-safe due to the fact that of how rapidly it disappear in water.

Dissolving promptly is important due to the fact that it keeps the pipes and septic device from getting clogged and backed up. If your septic system clogs, then you have actually to gain it pumped, which is not fun to deal with.

If girlfriend live in an apartment or house in a city that has actually a centralized plumbing line, septic safe toilet file can tho be helpful to you. Since it dissolves so rapidly, septic safe toilet paper is much less likely to reason clogged pipes or backed-up plumbing.

Regardless of the type of plumbing you have actually in your home, buying paper that is ‘septic safe’ is a an excellent way to ensure your plumbing works as properly as possible.

Testing your Toilet Paper

As you have the right to tell, the main thing come consider around the form of toilet paper you to buy is time. Specifics the amount of time the takes because that the record to dissolve in water.

Luckily, yes sir a rapid test you deserve to do come determine exactly how long the takes for her toilet record to dissolve.

You need three points for this test:

Your toilet paper of choiceA clear containerWater

Take a few sheets of your toilet paper, about as much as friend would usage in one expedition to the bathroom, and push it down to the bottom of your container.

Next, fill her container around 3/4 complete of water. Swirl the water about for a few seconds to imitate the toilet flushing.

Then, permit the mixture sit and also time just how long that takes for your toilet record to dissolve. It have to take about twenty minutes because that it to start to break down. Stirring the water through a spoon every few minutes will certainly let you know if the fibers of the file are broken down yet.

The amount of time it takes for this experiment to cause the toilet paper to dissolve, is around how long it will take her toilet paper to dissolve in your plumbing system. This have the right to also influence whether a clogged toilet will eventually unclog itself.

I walk this test with the brand the toilet record I have at home. Here’s a picture of the results at the beginning, ten minutes, twenty minutes, and also then twenty minutes plus a little more agitation that the water.


Your toilet record should dissolve in twenty minute or less. If the doesn’t, you may want to consider buying a different brand the toilet document that’s better for your plumbing system.

The scientific research Behind restroom Paper


When it concerns the scientific research behind toilet paper, yes sir really just a couple things the we must discuss.

First, we’re going to talk about what toilet record is normally made out of.

Then, we’ll display some different things that manufacturers perform to make their toilet paper more or less dissolvable.

Let’s destruction in.

What It’s made Of

Toilet file is commonly made out of just that, paper.

The procedure usually provides two different types of paper: recycled record and new wood.

For recycle paper, they chop up the old paper, treat it v some chemicals to rotate it into a fibrous sludge and also remove the inks, climate they repress it right into toilet paper.

A reasonably similar procedure is provided for the brand-new wood but instead of starting with paper, it starts with raw timber material.

Most toilet file brands use a combination of recycle and brand-new materials yet there are some that space 100% recycled. These types of toilet records tend come dissolve a lot much faster than the brands that have a mix.

Why it Does and also Doesn’t Dissolve

As pointed out above, miscellaneous that provides toilet record dissolve much faster is when they are made indigenous 100% recycle material. This is due to the fact that the lumber fibers provided have already been damaged down and dissolved before.

Another aspect that identify how easily toilet document dissolves is thickness. No surprisingly, 1 ply paper dissolves pretty conveniently in comparison come the plush 4 ply toilet documents (yes, castle exist).

If you’re ready to go as thin together 1 ply toilet paper, it’s the best for septic systems and plumbing pipes.

Something the manufacturers commonly include to your toilet file is lotion. Currently while this might make her bathroom experience more enjoyable, the lotion hold the document fibers with each other for means longer than document without it.

Lastly, we have actually biodegradable toilet paper. If you’re choose me you’re most likely wondering: “wait, not all toilet document is biodegradable?” not quite.

While toilet paper is made from many products that space biodegradable, the manufacturing process sometimes adds things that no biodegradable, such as chemicals provided in the manufacturing process, lotions, and also perfumes.

And some comparable products, like toilet seat covers, may encompass plastics.

Some brand of toilet paper are made eco-friendly and avoid the use of chemicals in the manufacturing procedure entirely. Over there is also bamboo toilet paper that is biodegradable, septic safe, and an ext sustainable than traditional toilet paper.

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If girlfriend don’t want to pay the extra because that the green brand, simply making sure that her toilet paper is unscented and also has no scent will keep it much more biodegradable and easier to dissolve.

Related Questions

Does all toilet paper dissolve?

All toilet paper should dissolve. One of the key differences in between different species of toilet document is just how long that takes for them come dissolve. Various brands space thicker than others (e.g. 2-ply, 3-ply, etc.) and also some add chemicals or lotions, and every one of these have the right to increase the moment it takes to dissolve.

How lengthy does that take for toilet file to dissolve?

It generally takes toilet document about 20 minutes to dissolve, however it counts on the brand the toilet paper. You deserve to test just how long it will certainly take for her brand the toilet file to dissolve, by time the quantity of time the takes for the yarn to break-down as soon as left in a clean glass container filled with water.